Reasons to order all types of car filters only online


The filters of the air, water and oil of the vehicles guarantee the optimal functioning of the engine because they protect it from dust, mud and humidity. At each check, the trusted mechanic should inspect that all of their fibers are free of dirt.

If they are not, it is advisable to change them periodically and with original accessories from different manufacturers through the online system, in an easy, safe and fast way.

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Online stores work directly with the original filter manufacturers such as Bosch, Vaico, Van Wezel or much more, as well as with car models and brands. This allows the advantage of offering unique seasonal promotions.

Search by manufacturer

Users who do not know which filter mark is best for their vehicle, through information from Motordoctor, can access the updated catalogs in real time. They only have to enter the brand, the model and the type of engine and automatically, the system will inform them about the spare part that works best with your vehicle.

By ordering these filters directly from the authorized official store, customers will take a product with the manufacturer's certified warranty.

Cabin filter

This spare part is in charge of preventing the polluting particles emitted by the diesel from entering the cabin of the car and affecting the breathing of the driver and the crew. It is very easy to replace the filter, just follow the instructions below.

Note that these steps are for Opel Astra H cars, however they also work for other models that have the cabin filter behind the glove box. If you have any doubt, you should consult the manual for the use of the accessories or the trusted mechanic.

  1. Use a Torx of the number T27 to extract the 4 screws from the glove compartment, which is removed with great care and the connection cable is removed to completely remove it.
  2. With a ratchet key number 7 remove the 3 screws from the wall on the left side and finally the fluffy sheet of the filter, which must be full of dirt, is collected.
  3. Then it is replaced by the new cabin filter and the previous steps are repeated, but vice versa to replace the screws and replace the glovebox as it was.

Opel warranty

Manufacturers recommend that customers always use original spare parts. In the case of Opel, its oil, air, pollen, fuel, automatic gearbox or hydraulic steering filters should be checked on its labels for the guarantee of professional brands such as Valeo, Mann Filter, Vaico, Mapco, Febi and Bosch.

The German company Opel Automobile GmbH delivers its customers different models of urban cars, family, convertibles, sports and minibus for all driving style and needs, from free-spirited drivers who love speed to parents of large families who need ample space .

To enjoy this German quality, the vehicle must be inspected every year in order to check the efficiency and optimal condition of its engine, tires and filters.

Opel authorized workshops carry out scheduled maintenance checks to preserve the integrity of the vehicle and safeguard the safety of the crew, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment. These appointments include.

  • Change of brake fluid.
  • Functional inspection of the body, tires and exhaust.
  • Replacing the cabin filter.
  • Change the oil filter.
  • Battery revision.
  • Functional inspection of brakes, engine, chassis, lights and electronics.

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