Really wonderful terraced pools


Many of us have ever dreamed of bathing in one of those pools that are on the terraces of the big hotels where you can look out to see the views as if you were on a balcony, only while you are bathing. These terraced pools are a real attraction today and the amazing thing is that you can also have them in the terrace of a house or an apartmentof course it has to be a penthouse. It is essential that in these terraced pools, whether they are on the edge of the building or not, they are well equipped with a ground around that do not slip, with Terrace furniture suitable and with solar showers. Next we will see a series of terraced pools that are really wonderful and where you will want to take a dip immediately.


Pool terrace

We start with this wonderful terrace that is on the edge of the building, that is, that the outer part is crystal and makes the balcony effect. It is even more wonderful because, when confused with the sea at the bottom, it makes visual effect of being an infinity pool.

Pool edge terrace

We really like the terraces that are well used, and even more if you take advantage of the edge of the terrace to install a long narrow pool where you can swim well at ease while enjoying the views of the mountain to be located just on the edge, also as if it were a balcony.

Pool edge terrace 2

This pool on the edge of the terrace, although it does not have the glass sides, well does the effect of balcony pool. We love your wooden environment, as well as having the ceiling, the terrace itself, which gives a more collected touch and can even provide shade on the hottest days.


Pool attic terrace

This pool on a terrace in the middle of a city, where you can see the skyscrapers in the background, it's really wonderful. It has a wooden part between the pool and the glass balcony, so it cannot be considered as a swimming pool on the edge of the building, although the views can also be appreciated and you can also enjoy the shade of the roof of the terrace.

Pool terrace balcony

Something similar happens with this pool on a terrace overlooking a beech. Similarly, it has a beautiful wooden floor around and you can enjoy the views through the glass balconies.

Pool terrace in the middle of town

How wonderful to be bathing in this pool on the terrace of a beautiful Italian city as it is Florence while you see the domes of its cathedrals. A piece of paradise on earth.


Small terrace pool

Although the terrace is small, you don't have to give up a pool in it. As you can see, this small pool in a terrace of a house in the middle of the mountain It is wonderful and flirtatious. At Balance There is good taste.

Small pool terrace 2

In the middle of a city like Seville we also meet penthouses with small pools so cucas but as necessary in summer as this one. A pure oasis


High pool penthouse terrace

In the event that you cannot build a pool on the edge of the terrace or in the middle, there is also the possibility of install a high pool on the terrace, like the one we see in this picture. It's like a grand jacuzziand from which you can enjoy the views of the apartment.

We hope you are terraced pools you liked them and that, if you are looking for the best way to install a pool on your terrace, you have found the right formula or design.

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