Radisson Resort Paracas, new hotel to enjoy in Peru


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In Paracas, the Radisson Resort Paracas has just been inaugurated, for the enjoyment of tourists seeking a coastal destination and tasting traditional flavors.

Peru is becoming one of the favorite destinations for many tourists who bet on South America For your next vacation and therefore different hotel chains want to continue opening hotels in this country. One of the destinations is Paracas, a sun and beach destination very interesting for tourists to spend their best holidays.

One of the novelties in this place is the Radisson Resort Paracas, a new hotel establishment so that couples and families have the possibility of enjoying a vacation in a modern and spacious place, which is what many tourists usually demand at the moment of taking a trip.

It is an interesting hotel for those looking to enjoy some holidays on the coast of Peru. It has just opened and will allow travelers to enjoy one of the 150 spacious and modern rooms inside the hotel, together with different suites for the most demanding clients who want a different experience.


Inside of the hotel establishment It offers all customers the possibility of having parking, in addition to a bar and swimming pool to rest and relax throughout the holidays, which is another point to keep in mind so that the trip to Peru is much more complete.

It is also possible to taste excellent typical Peruvian dishes for all those who wish to enjoy different local suggestions in the El Candelabro restaurant, where all the flavor of the country is very present so that customers of this new hotel can get to know it. Throughout the stay it is possible to enjoy this charming town on the coast, its beaches and pleasant weather, much of the year.

Not always the trip to Peru is synonymous of going to the most typical places as is the Machu Picchu, although it is highly recommended. Also exist alternative destinations as Paracas, to enjoy coastal areas of the country.

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