Put a translator in your suitcase


No one can miss that tourism is one of the engines of the most important economic and welfare progress on the planet. Tourism is, in many countries, including ours, the main source of income and jobs in the sector. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it is very necessary, from the public authorities, to take maximum care of this powerful industry.

It would also be necessary to make entrepreneurs aware of the importance of translating tourist texts precisely as one of the tools of tourist quality, in which not everything should serve.

Why a good translation is so important in the tourism sector

Tourism translation is so important because tourism is one of the sectors that has better and more quickly adapted to new internet scenarios and new technologies. There are fewer and fewer people who visit travel agencies to book their dream vacation. Virtually everything is done online: search for tickets, hotels, information on places to visit in the country, gastronomy, events, culture, etc. And a poorly translated page can spoil the chances of the public approaching, consulting and booking.

In both private and institutional pages, it is necessary to make the entrepreneur and public authorities aware that translating is not looking for the meaning of a word or phrase in one or several languages ​​and transcribing. Translate is to get to the essence of what you want to communicate, with precision and quality, and that any potential tourist is able to understand, in your language, what we want to translate, and the benefits of what we are communicating. We just have to make tourism web pages appealing and visually attractive, you have to be in tune when it comes to content. Because not everything goes.

As the Internet knows no barriers, but languages, it is necessary to bring the potential tourist closer, everything that the visited country can offer. From tourist routes, to hotels, the best of local culture, gastronomy, outdoor activities, coasts, and many other things that make up the tourist attractions of the country to be visited.

Disseminate all this information through the appropriate means: blogs, brochures, explanatory maps, file downloads, and much more, in all possible languages, with the quality and rigor needed in a good translation, is essential to attract a quality tourist mass, that looks for qualified information that is able to understand in its language.

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