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The choice of the products for facial care and makeup that we are going to use is something that you have to take yourself very seriously, since it is something that we apply on our skin daily and can alter it. If they are not quality professional products, these can either not take effect (as in the case of exfoliants, facial cleansers, facial toners, facial serums, facial masks, make-up removers or products for the eye contour), or they can damage the skin in the case of makeup (they can dry it, produce redness, allergies and even premature aging … especially if our skin is sensitive or we suffer from some type of alteration in it). In these cases it is even more essential to use Professional Facial Cosmetics and invest our money in them, since it is a question of health, not only of aesthetics. Today we are going to tell you the Benefits of professional facial cosmetics and professional makeup and why choose them instead of commercial cosmetics, low cost or low cost.


For starters, professional facial cosmetic products have years of research behind his back where the best Scientists have been developing an exclusive formula in their cosmetics laboratories with the best ingredients and the best possible combination. This is translated into the price, since the greater the research, the higher the retail price. However, we believe that when it comes to health and beauty, you should not skimp, since a low investment can translate into poor results in the case of facial cosmetics or even possible skin damage in the case of makeup .


It is something that many people may not take into account, but you always have to read the fine print of the facial and make-up products to make sure they have been tested in people, and not in animals, with different skin types. In this way you can be sure or confident that it is a product that is not harmful, that meets the quality standards of the European Union and all the requirements. For example, a professional facial cosmetic brand is Care & Care and we can find it in Ginko Store, a web of hairdressing and aesthetic products where you can find professional products for skin care. In the description of Care & Care products you can read what is Cruelty Free (that is, that no animal has been abused during its production and its testing phase) and we believe that this is fundamental.


Of course, another aspect that differentiates professional cosmetics from commercial ones is the products used in their preparation. You have to look carefully and read their composition to make sure that, for the most part, they are natural or non-toxic products that are free of parabens.


Professional cosmetic products offer a certain type of guarantees regarding its operation and its resultsIf not, they would not be used by cosmetic professionals, such as beauticians or dermatologists. In some cases, some brands even offer the refund of the amount if the desired effects are not achieved, especially in the case of anti-wrinkle products or eye contour products.


Professional make-up products provide a longer duration, as they are made with higher quality pigments Make commercial or low cost makeup. In addition, they are makeups that resist light and temperature, which makes them ideal for special occasions like filming, Photo sessions, parades on catwalks or special occasions like wedding and events where makeup has to be durable and comfortable to wear.

What do you think about the benefits of using professional cosmetic products, as well as professional makeup, instead of more commercial brands or ranges? Have you used them and noticed the difference? We wait for your comments so that you can tell us your experience using this type of products.

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