Prices in origin of vegetables May 19


With the arrival of the new month it is time to analyze the prices in origin of vegetables in May. As you know, we will see the most outstanding changes in the prices of vegetables in the last 30 days.

Also, you can check the April whiteboard here.

Prices in origin of vegetables May 19

Breakdown of prices at origin of vegetables in May.

We start with the eggplant, where we see few variations compared to the month of April. Only a slight improvement in the long eggplant.

At zucchini We found a small fall that placed it at very low prices.

The green bean it brought us a small rise of the flat bean and a fall of the round bean. This decrease was € 0.45 / kg.

At cantaloupe we can only compare the price of Gaul, which fell slightly compared to the month of April.

At cucumber We found the worst quotes for the month of May. So much cucumber Almeria as French They went down and they stayed at very bad prices. Of the worst seen for any vegetable in many years.

The pepper He brought us the best news of the month. Increase of € 0.16 / kg California pepper and € 0.35 / kg in the Lamuyo pepper. However the italian pepper He could not stand the pull and collapsed at € 0.61 / kg.

The watermelon mini and the striped watermelon They dropped around € 0.25 / kg compared to the month of April. In addition, the price of black watermelon It was not good either.

Finally, in the tomato we see falls for all cultivated varieties. The smooth tomato and the pear tomato they led to stronger falls, above € 0.30 / kg.

Final conclusion on the prices in origin of vegetables of May 19.

In general, bad data for most vegetables. Only the pepper contributed good quotes to the monthly blackboard. It is an information in line with what happens at this time but maybe it arrived a little earlier than usual.

We will remain attentive to the prices.

SOURCE: Observatory Prices and Markets Junta Andalucía.

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