Preferred destinations among Spaniards to travel in 2020


Spanish tourists have in mind the occasional trip and getaway throughout 2020, discover the preferred destinations inside and outside the country.

It is usual to keep in mind some places to make plans for a trip in the new year. Many Spanish tourists already have in mind their next destination, either inside or outside Spain, even some distant destinations whose plans have been made for months, to enjoy the most complete and entertaining experience.

A study on the trends of Spanish tourists for this year 2020 and in the section of City Breaks or cities to get away highlights such as Gran Canaria, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, excellent places where gastronomic, leisure and cultural proposals are quite spacious and perfect for a few days and thus not have to spend much on a getaway choosing a city within Spain.

Preferred places to travel in 2020

When thinking about international travel, many Spaniards are thinking about traveling through Europe to places like Turin, Bordeaux, Porto, Bruges, Sarajevo, Edinburgh, Hallstat, Galway, Luxembourg or Istanbul, which are very interesting places to spend a few days both as a couple and to know these cities as a family for a while and to know these places so appealing to discover now that the year begins.


Already outside the European continent we can find trends for this year from places like Japan, Israel or Bhutan, which are going to be highly coveted destinations by many spanish travelers, without neglecting other places like Indonesia, Uganda as an exotic place and Egypt. In the latter case it is important to note that the improvement in the tourism sector is remarkable and this is something that can help the economy improve thanks to the confidence of travelers.

It is a trend for 2020 that is complemented by the fact that tourists always take into account aspects such as the weather at the chosen destination, the Hotel price and features and services at the time of booking. In this way they can spend a quiet holiday and enjoying the destination they have chosen for it. It is also interesting to consider the most beautiful villages in Spain to get to know some of them.

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