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The videogames market, especially consoles, is quite lucrative but also competitive, which means that big agents are forced to present news annually.

The two big competitors are Microsoft and Sony each with different proposals to conquer the gamers. During E3 2019 the company of Bill Gates did the same when Xbox presented Project Scarlet, its next console.

On the other hand Sony has kept its plans secret, however, according to rumors next year we will see the arrival of the PlayStation 5, his name is still uncertain but surely point to the traditional "baptism."

We will see the PS5 in 2020

It is still information that should be used with caution but according to rumors the launch of the PlayStation 5 It would take place in February 2020. The filtration has to do with an internal email presented by marketing and the day would coincide with State of Play, a company event where they would deliver more details of the console along with exclusive games like como Ghost of Tsushima ’.

The launch date takes force due to the guests at the respective event with participation Activision, EA and Ubisoft, the big video game development houses and where we would see the future of the titles.

As for the details of the console itself we know little, PlayStation S5 will continue to support physical games, support 8K and come with improvements in CPU and GPU. Additionally there is talk of an SSD storage unit, higher speed and performance.

At the moment the price is unknown but for its specifications we would be talking about a small but notable increase in the pocket of consumers, especially in case of seeing a pro type version focused on the most demanding. Sony knows the importance of its console in the market and with the PS5 they bring us the future of video game consoles.

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