Plasencia, indispensable destination in Extremadura


Inland tourism is one of the many options we can make as travelers. Corners like Plasencia give us countless surprises that few people can resist. Although this destination is not as big as others, with its 40,000 inhabitants it is considered a great city in the north of Cáceres.

Plasencia, a destination that surprises anyone

Despite its size, do not be deceived because this destination has much to offer to everyone who visits it. It is important to bear in mind that Plasencia is a historic city that has had a great weight in its environment as Extremadura. It is a destination in which its oldest historical essence coexists as modern, we have as an example the Palace of Congresses.

Taking a walk through its streets is like taking a trip back in time, where you can meet countless different proposals. One of them is the city walls, which were created between the XII and XIII centuries.

Although many people do not imagine it, it is surprising to find the Cathedral of Plasencia. Normally, cities with more population tend to have it, although this one, due to its importance. Barely three years after its founding, it already had an archbishop's seat, which had a hierarchy over Medellin and Trujillo.

At first glance, its design may be somewhat chaotic, but that is something that makes it unique. There is no doubt in saying that it is one of the most recommended places to visit in this important destination.

The Plaza Mayor de Plasencia is another of the most interesting proposals of the city, which has a great atmosphere. In it you can see much of the life of this destination that never leaves anyone indifferent. It is not a bad moment to make a stop along the way and recharge energy by eating and drinking something in their catering establishments located in the porticoed galleries that are in the square.

Of this area, the most important building is the City Hall, a construction that dates back to the sixteenth century. It has a recognizable style marked by the transition from Gothic to Renaissance, something that makes it architecturally very special. In the clock tower you can see Grandpa Mayorga, one of the icons of this destination.

If not everyone is expected to find a cathedral, the same is not expected with an aqueduct. Did you know that not only Segovia has an aqueduct? That's right, the Aqueduct of Plasencia, not as famous as the one in Segovia, is another corner of the must-see in this destination.

It is the San Antón Aqueduct and its origins date back to the middle of the 16th century. The objective was to supply the city with the water it needed from the mountains near the city.

And this is Plasencia, a corner full of secrets, do you dare to discover it?

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