Piran and the places to discover in this city of Slovenia


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The city of Piran offers all travelers the chance to get to know the most important historical buildings, cultural options and gastronomy.

In Slovenia we find ourselves with a series of emblematic cities that are very worthwhile and one of them is Piran, a city that at a tourist level is growing quite a lot in the last years and this is allowing many visitors to enjoy with their natural, cultural charms and also gastronomic, options to consider.

In this city of Slovenia it is important to keep in mind the Cathedral of St. George, an important religious building dating from the seventeenth century, Baroque and Renaissance. On the other hand you can enjoy different paintings inside, its wooden ceiling, in addition to the bell tower, which are elements to consider.

On the other hand, Piran Lighthouse It is also an important element. It dates from the 13th century and was very important at the time to help the boats to get their bearings and nowadays it is a very attractive element for tourists who come to this area of ​​Slovenia. It is one of the most recognized in this area of ​​Europe and it is well worth it.

The City Of Piran

The Walls of Piran They are very important and still in good condition. It is the oldest area of ​​this city of Slovenia and certainly were built for defensive purposes to keep the city away from the hands of the enemies of the moment.

Once inside the city we can know the Tartini Square, which is one of the main ones that should be known. In it we can see the statue of Giusseppe Tartini, who was an important violinist and composer. It is a good environment and allows you to enjoy the best summer nights. Nearby there are many places to eat and enjoy the best traditional cuisine of the area that both travelers like.

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