Personalized language immersion, the key to Kumon for your child to master English


Custom Language Immersion

When starting with Kumon English, a counselor evaluates the child to determine their level and ability to learn, even from 2 years. In addition, until October 31, Kumon Spain offers the opportunity to try Kumon English for free for 15 days in any of its more than 230 centers.

As I said, the materials are adapted to the level of the student and autonomy and self-education are promoted, because students do not depend on a teacher or a group in their learning.

A good base is the key to mastering English

Kumon English works because it teaches to think in English naturally from day one, just as it happens when we learn our mother tongue, through a progressive sequence: we listen, we reproduce, we read, we write, we learn grammar rules and, finally, we develop a high level Reading comprehension of original texts in English while gradually incorporating vocabulary and increasing our auditory memory.

Other learning methods do not teach the mind to think in English and give priority to learning grammar rules over the previous natural process of listening, reproduction, reading and writing. Come on, what you learn is to translate what you think in your language and not to think directly what you want to say.

Kumon English says that grades in English at school improve in a short time because it is much more effective that exposure to English is daily and short in time than sporadic and long-lasting, especially when children are young. Even if they have good grades, as in the case of my son (note proud mother), it is great to let them loose in the language and make them much easier to handle in the future. I always tell them that it is fundamental. We, for example, live in a coastal area with a large percentage of English-speaking residents and visitors and it is very important that they learn English well.

Kumon English is composed of 21 levels. Start with simple repetition exercises and the difficulty increases until you reach the reading of high-level original texts in English. All levels have a book accompanied by a CD. In addition to solving the booklets, the student listens to the CD, repeats what he has heard and reads aloud; In this way, pay more attention and work the ear.

The Kumon English route begins with listening comprehension, continues with literacy, sentence structure and grammar, and ends with reading comprehension of original texts of great complexity.

Reading allows us to get used to grammar and syntax, and to acquire vocabulary in a much more natural way than if you learn it through listings to study.

The program It adjusts to the learning ability of each child and their individual needs to develop their full potential. The fact that each student progresses at their own pace and the counselor knows at all times what their next goal of improvement is and what are their strengths and weaknesses makes each child progress regardless of what school year they are in or next to which child is feel in class

For more information you can enter the Kumon website and see the full program and prices.

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