Perfect items for your dog


I still remember those years in which those of us who lived outside the big cities had enormous difficulties to buy items for our dogs.

Beyond dubious quality feed, it was impossible to buy accessories without making huge displacements, displacements that didn't even guarantee you to find what you needed.

Luckily, for a decade now, stores like take everything you need home, so you can have everything you need for your dog at home in a few days and with low or free shipping costs, depending on What you spend in the store.

Everything you need for your dog at a click

If you browse the store you will realize that you have everything you need for your dog's day to day, such as beds, carriers, collars, harnesses, feeders, drinking fountains, etc., that is, that from your mobile, your tablet or your computer you can make the purchase to receive it a few days later avoiding displacements, traffic jams, parking problems, fines, etc.

Some products that have caught my attention

Touring the store, through its categories I have seen some products that have caught my attention.

One of them is reflective or safety harness, a product of which there are several models and that is very useful for those who walk at dawn and dusk. In my case I do it in summer, since I live in an area with somewhat extreme temperatures and there is never any extra security.

safety harness walking at night

I wear a reflective harness and a reflective strap, so that cars immediately see "something" in the distance and become alert, something that can avoid more than one problem.

Another of the articles that I found useful, that I do not have and I will consider buying, is a troley bag, which allows to take a dog of up to 20-25 kilos effortlessly.

Sometimes, in my case when I go to a veterinarian, you have to take the dog in the carrier and having left the car away due to lack of parking, getting to the clinic is not easy with the dog in its carrier.

dog troley

My dog ​​weighs only 9 kilos, but carrying it a few hundred meters makes getting to the clinic quite laborious.

Another of the situations in which this bag seems very useful to me is in the displacements, especially if you travel with your dog by public transport, since there are many areas in which you cannot carry loose.

To finish this review of some of the items in the store, I would like to tell you about the refreshing blanket for dogs.

warm dogs refreshing blanket

I acquired it a few weeks ago with little hope and the truth is that it works. The blanket has a gel that gives a very pleasant feeling of freshness. In fact, to check it you just have to put your hand on it.

Your dog will be surprised to see that new article near him, but he will immediately test it and not get up from there while the heat lasts.

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