How are the most sophisticated kitchens decorated today?


Well, if we take as reference those that have stars, it seems that marble is still very present. It is still the preferred material for kitchens, however, the appearance is now more prudent. Instead of Carrara, I have seen green and coppery marble. Marble benches are thinner, hide the edges, and are already placed behind the wardrobes. Another proposal is the all-black kitchen, which offers a modern and complex look, especially when mixed with houseplants.


The tendency to hide storage and crockery was reversed this season of 2017. and many glass doors and shelves open to show the dishes are seen.

A place to see everything from the most traditional craftsmanship to the designs of the makers is Intergift. There artisans and specialized brands present their proposals, characterized by exclusivity.

And speaking of all this, we cannot ignore a trend, that of the wallpapers for kitchen. This room could not be left out of the fashion of wallpapers. Also in the NEO thematic space we can see, as a key showcase that is, the new proposals in gift items, stationery, gadgets, toys, kitchen items …

In wallpapers we find an extensive selection of wall decorations. Pictures, wall vinyl, wall murals and wallpapers make to quisqui across the planet find something that convinces you for your kitchen. Stone designs look great in kitchens. The other day, in a restaurant bar in a town in Cuenca I saw a brick wallpaper that I didn't know was paper until I touched it with my own hands. Incredible the level of sophistication we have reached, science advances that is a barbarity!

With this wallpaper we achieve the desired visual effect. The wallpaper has returned in a strong way to bring a touch of originality in the decoration. Tiles were used traditionally in kitchens. But that has happened to history. Maybe on other planets!

Different ornamental techniques are used today to give a modern and modern look. Today there are papers specially designed for kitchenette areas that are water resistant, with a large number of designs and colors.


All advantages are decorating with wallpaper


  • Because it is simple to install and can be cleaned easily.
  • Because it is economical
  • It is very useful to cover fissures and imperfections
  • Create visual effects and make the room appear more extensive.
  • It is not affected by moisture or steam.

Some examples I could mention are those of geometric designs, or wallpapers that recreate a tropical paradise. Also black and white, very advisable for a kitchen that seeks to be a very elegant and fragile environment.

Wallpaper can be applied on the tiles, being careful that it adheres perfectly. The combinations and plurality of colors are unlimited. On the other hand, floral designs are updated with lower intensity prints, more in vibrant shades that will give freshness and modernity to the kitchen. We often find options that mimic wood or brick textures. The best of them is that we are going to hide the imperfections of the walls without greater complexity of installation.

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