Palo negro, natural wonder for a healthy life


Nature rewards us with products that improve our life and one of these, undoubtedly, is the plant of Chilean origin known as black stick. Since ancient times its use has been medicinal, and today, it is an excellent ally in the defense against cancer and other diseases such as diabetes.

Natural and alternative medicine is gaining more and more followers. Many people have verified how they can really prevent various diseases or mitigate the symptoms and development of many of these, when they have already appeared.

Resorting to natural medicine has many advantages, since it does not harm the environment, and generally, there are no side effects, being much cheaper.

Among all the natural remedies that exist, one of the most prominent in recent times is an endemic shrub called black stick (Leptocarpha Rivularis), which has been the subject of multiple scientific studies, which have established that it is highly effective for the treatment of various pathologies .

But what is black stick? It is a powerful herb of ancient origin in Chile which has always had medicinal uses by the Mapuche culture. The plant is abundant in areas of southern Chile, specifically in the Maule and Los Lagos region. The tree can reach up to two meters high.

Blackwood flower

Many tend to be skeptical when it comes to traditional medicine, however, as far as black stick is concerned, scientific research has shown that it contains 37 compounds that provide important health benefits, including 10 flavonoids and 11 Phenolic acids (antioxidants), 9 oxylipins (anti-inflammatory), 4 sesquiterpenes (antibiotics) and 2 organic acids.

These compounds are also obtained in fruits and vegetables but in isolation, the fact that they are concentrated in a single natural product, make black stick a privileged plant and very beneficial for health.

Cancer defense

There are many benefits of this plant to treat various conditions, so it is also used to accompany a traditional medical therapy. Many will ask, black stick what is it specifically for? It is really a natural remedy that serves to prevent and treat several diseases, but in recent times, its effectiveness for the prevention and treatment of cancer has been relevant.

And is that one of the diseases that has been wreaking havoc worldwide is cancer. Whether due to hereditary causes, bad eating habits, lack of nutrients, the hectic and stressful life of today, there are many factors that are causing the incidence of this evil to increase considerably.

The remarkable presence that this disease has in the world, has led to an increase in research around the treatments that can be used and natural medicine has not been left behind.

In this sense, numerous scientific studies have determined that the black stick plant has a molecule called Leptocarpine, which acts on the DNA of cancer cells, which causes them to weaken sufficiently or self-destruct so that conventional treatments are more effective.

This is how the molecule helps reduce the body's natural resistance to the effects of chemotherapy, making it more effective. By generating a pressure in the diseased cell, it causes the genes that are responsible for making the repair to be activated and if this does not occur it causes the cellular self-destruction to occur.

In Chile, studies have been carried out that have generated the use of the plant as a Chemo-sensitizer very useful in the treatment of leukemia. Among the institutions that have been dedicated to studying the effects of this plant, there are universities, among them, the Universidad Austral de Chile.

Many more properties

And it is that nature awarded the black stick properties with which, apart from its anticancer action, it also has other beneficial properties for health such as for the control of hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia, among others.

Patients have been emphatic in highlighting it as one of the most powerful natural alternatives, used to improve their quality of life during their treatments.

The black stick works very effectively as an adjunct to conventional procedures, in fact, a large number of patients who have tried it, have recorded that consuming this herb substantially decreases the side effects of treatments.

They point out that feeding by mouth during strong conventional treatments is no longer a problem, since the consumption of black stick helps eliminate that sensation of a metallic taste in food, returning to its original flavors. It also reduces the presence of nausea, vomiting and malaise.

And the properties follow. The black stick is beneficial for inflammation of the prostate, relieves pain, burning sensation or difficulty urinating, among other discomforts that are generated in this area that is part of the male reproductive system.

It is an excellent liver scrubberIn this sense, it is an adjunct to prevent the proper functioning of the liver, which is very important in fat metabolism and blood formation.

The black stick is also a powerful anti-inflammatory so it prevents it from affecting the immune system which, being in an unfavorable situation, gives way to foreign pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Also, the black stick acts as stomach recomponent, relieving gastric problems that are common in people; In addition, it is a very good detoxifier.

Various products available to everyone

The black stick is not only a natural remedy that is consumed to relieve discomfort or disease. Many people, children, youth and adults, take it as a way to prevent pathologies, since as we have mentioned, many studies support the large number of properties that this wonderful plant has.

This product It has become the raw material of many products in various presentations, in view of all the virtues it possesses. This is how in pharmaceutical homes they can be found in the form of tea, infusions and capsules, which are the most requested.

These products are made under strict quality standards, using raw materials harvested from very well treated plantations. Its preparation meets strict production standards and international certifications.

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