Dogs can have internal parasites

When we talk about deworm dogs We all think of internal parasites, such as fleas and ticks, leaving aside other kinds of parasites that our pets have inside, some small "bugs" that we do not see, but that are as harmful as the external ones.

dogs get parasites

The worms in dogs are common if we do not take measures, worms that can harm the lives of our pets and even our, since there are internal parasites that dogs can infect us, some of which can provoke the dreaded hydatid cyst.

As you can see, this kind of parasites are not a joke,
way that we must take measures so that our dogs do not have them and for
That way, they can not infect us.

How do we prevent dogs from having internal parasites?

Luckily for us, avoid that our dogs have
Internal parasites is very simple.

There are several ways to avoid them, but The most common is through a tablet which is usually given every two or three months, depending on what the manufacturer tells us, and especially depending on the environment in which the animal moves.

As always, the best we can do to make our
dog does not have worms is to speak with our veterinarian, explain it under what conditions
our best friend lives and so the animal health professional
will recommend what is the best solution and how often you should give it.

How do we give the tablets to the dog?

Before I told you that deworming a dog is something as simple as giving a pill or tablet, which the dog does not eat willingly.

dogs get sick from internal parasites

Luckily, the manufacturers have already foreseen this and by general the tablets to deworm our dog they usually come with nice flavors, meat, and sometimes with a soft texture that dogs usually like.

If the brand we're going to
use has no flavor and also the tablet is hard, a trick that does not
fails is the pate, which consists of putting the pill in a ball of pate that
We do with the hand.

The dog swallows the pate ball and with it the pill,
so you do not have to force it.

Should we deworm the puppies?

The answer is yes, since in many cases the puppies can have parasites from the first days of their life, which they acquire through breast milk.

internally deworm puppies

This occurs, above all, if the mother has not been dewormed
for neglect, for having been abandoned, for having been is one of those infamous
dog farms, etc.

The first deworming takes place, more or less, at the third week of life, something that will prevent the puppy from getting sick at an age when he is very vulnerable and any disease can kill him in a matter of hours.

It is evident that we can not parasitize puppies that do not eat with pills yet, so we will ask the veterinarian about the most suitable product.

when puppies are dewormed

To deworm the puppies a liquid product is used that we administer by opening the mouth of the animal and introducing a syringe, without a needle, that already comes with the product.

This syringe is usually graduated so that we weigh the
puppy and we give you the exact amount of product.