Proptech: the real estate sector takes the big step

The real estate sector has been introducing changes and digitizing many of the processes for years.

Obviously, the trend of 2019 goes in this direction, in the inclusion of the AI ​​and also in moving away the financing and sale of the banks.

And in this second sector is where future real estate companies appear, which are able, in record time, to offer sellers an offer that allows them to value a quick sale without needing, in many cases, to look inside the bank offer .

The emergence of big data management is also key to valuate real estate through software and AI systems.

"In our case, the address and square meters are enough to be able to do a free study with your own automatic system. The sales prices at that time are taken as a comparison of all the homes in the same meters of the surroundings and the base price, the inclusion of the surplus value, ITP, notary and the expenses derived from the transaction are also taken into account "explains Victor Hugo Pascual, a natural entrepreneur from the Balearic Islands, who has launched not only Vendoinmueble but also other companies such as Pedralbes Abogados, Loaneed and Elegant Luxe.

The company, which has been in operation for half a year, has carried out more than 20 operations in recent months, including the purchase of undivided parts by inheritance or divorce, something that facilitates people immersed in long and tedious, even judicial, processes. be able to have money eliminating the deadlines of the processes and the sale itself.

How? A user who wants to sell his property or undivided part of it contacts through the web and provides the information requested so that this startup is able to do, as soon as possible and within a matter of a few 24/48 hours the offer. If the client accepts it, he is called to specify the details, request the documentation and quote the notary where the transaction could be signed. There, a proxy delivers the agreed amount and the deed is made to execute the property transfer.