Kinder Cake in Thermomix – Bread, grapes and cheese

There has been disparity of opinions regarding the Kindergarten cake in Thermomix at home. My husband has been enthusiastic, he has seemed rich and my son did not like it.

cake kinder in thermomix - bread grapes and cheese

So, doing the average, has passed the bar to publish it here. Because it is not the first time I make a dish and the result is not worth publishing, so at home we submit the recipes for the blog to vote.

Obviously, we vote according to our tastes. So something that can excite us may not like another person who does. And backwards. Do you know what dish excited us at home and has had very little success in the blog? The pariginous pizza.

The recipe is from My Thermorecetas


For the base:

Cookies: 250 grams.

Black fondant chocolate: 50 grams.

Toasted hazelnuts without skin: 20 grams.

Butter at room temperature: 100 grams.

For the filling:

12 bars of Kinder Bueno.

Black fondant chocolate: 50 grams.

Chocolate fondant with milk: 50 grams.

Cream 35% M.G .: one liter.

Curd: 2 envelopes.

Sugar: 100 grams.

For coverage:

Cream 35% M.G .: 100 grams.

Black fondant chocolate: 100 grams.

For decoration:

Kinder Good mini.

ELABORATION of the Kinder Cake in Thermomix:

To prepare the base of the cake, put in the glass of the Thermomix, cookies, chocolate and hazelnuts. We program 20 seconds, progressive speed 5-7-10.

We add the chopped butter and program 3 minutes, 50º, speed 3.

We cover the bottom of a removable mold of 23 centimeters in diameter with baking paper and we throw the base of the cake in the bottom, pressing well so that it is compact and all the bottom covered. We put the mold in the freezer.

We put the Kinder Bueno bars in the glass and the two chocolates, the black and the milk chocolate. We program 10 seconds, speed 7. We lower the crushed remains to the bottom of the glass.

We put the cream, the curd and the sugar in the glass. We program 12 minutes, 100ºC, speed 3.

We take the mold out of the fridge and pour this cream on the base. We put the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set.

Once the cake has set, prepare the cover: put the cream in the glass and program 3 minutes, 100ºC, speed 1. Add the chopped chocolate and program 2 minutes, speed 3.

We make sure that the cake is well curdled and we cover it with this chocolate cream. We put the cake again in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Before serving it, we decorate it with the mini Kinder Bueno.

For my taste, this cake is richer when it has been made for two days.

cake kinder in thermomix - bread grapes and cheese

cake kinder in thermomix - bread grapes and cheese