Elegant with shirt: the new trend

Who said you can't go elegant and comfortable at the same time? Sometimes we get carried away by elegance, leaving comfort aside. But we all know that it is a torture to have to keep an eye on that shirt that opens or that blouse that makes a rare fold. One way to go elegant and comfortable at the same time are the shirts. Yes yes you can go elegant with t-shirt : D

You may wonder, how can it be, if the shirts are normally associated with the looks more informal? Yes, you can go elegant with t-shirt. If you don't believe us, now we show you some examples.

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Looks to go elegant with t-shirt

There are many brands that are already entering the world of elegance in t-shirt, and we see that simplicity is what predominates the most. The less is more, as in the shirts that Hispanitas brings.

Plain t-shirts are a must in our closet and a very good way to be elegant with t-shirt. As you see in the photos, that the top is smooth invites the skirt or pants to have a different touch, for example, that is leather.

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These looks with t-shirts They are ideal to go elegant anywhere and above all not lose comfort at any time. Because yes, we want to have our own style and go fabulous, but if we can be comfortable at the same time then what we take.

The truth is that since we have tried this new style, we are putting aside our more complicated shirts and blouses. Since now we don't have to go awkward to be smart. Of course, we are still in love with the trends that we tell you in the post "The best office outfits for this fall", but that does not mean that you cannot combine both trends.