Spotify Launches Spotify For Kids in its Family Plan

One is already available Spotify app for Kids within the family plan. This application was created to make the plan more attractive for families.

Spotify has become very serious with its plans this year.

In early 2019, the platform began disconnecting people who do not live in the same direction, an action that could have reduced profits. There was also a change in the terms and conditions of Spotify last August.

The days of these extended "families" are already ending. With the Spotify's new family plan, members must provide an address when they register. Members invited to the family plan need to be at that address in order to access the service.

Spotify also "reserves the right to ask and verify the address from time to time." Anyone who fails this verification will have their account suspended – or else the entire family plan will be removed in its entirety.

Leaving this aside, it was time for Spotify to do something for families (really).

According to the information, the new Spotify app for kids It is aimed at the smallest of the house, who need to be protected. YouTube Kids does something similar for its content – but this is the first time it happens within a music service.

Spotify for Children has a series of pre-selected lists with multiple categories. These categories include Movies and Television, Successes, Spotify Originals and more.

A remarkable feature of the application is that all lists are created by humans, avoiding being controlled by algorithms. Without a doubt, they want to avoid the fame that YouTube Kids has earned over the past year. Apparently it showed strange content on certain occasions and that alarmed many users.

Spotify says that these human healers work to determine what is best for children.

Content moderators come from well-known children's brands – such as Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids and Disney.

Over the next few months, the application will expand with more content. New stories, audiobooks and podcasts are some of the contents that the application will have. Parents have full control of what their children see in the application. Just be careful with that privacy policy, because you can be sure that your child's information will be collected.

Official website of Spotify for Kids.

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