The Best Tricks For Clash Royale of this 2020: Win More Games!

It's time for you to know the best tricks for Clash Royale. This title will be full of new adventures in this 2020, surely every season will come with many surprises.

These tricks we will give you can use regardless of the number of cups you have won. You can use them to beat players who are more advanced than you, Squeeze them to the fullest!

Fast cycling, use the mallet wisely

It's about the mallets that have a average of 3 drops of elixir. These decks are included in the cards: fire spirits, skeleton army, elf barrel and more.

They are mallets that really hurt, use the low elixir cards just to defend yourself, so they will be much more effective.

Slow cycling, the best tricks for Clash Royale

Here enter all the mallets that they need evolution time so that they can develop a good attack potential.

These letters can make a large amount of damage to the enemy but for this you must spend a lot of elixir. The best slow cycle combinations are as follows:

  • Lava hound with the balloon balloon.
  • Golem with the witch.
  • Golem with the night witch.
  • Golem with the magician.
  • Golem of elixir with the witch.
  • Golem of elixir with the night witch.
  • Megacaballero with the night witch.
  • Megacaballero with the witch.

Logically there are a lot of combinations different but the truth is that these are the most effective and are used on a large scale.

In slow cycling it is vital that you have the elixir gatherer. This is how you can give the necessary energy to all your cards. Don't forget, this is one of the best tricks for Clash Royale.

The other cards that did not enter the list have a low cost of elixir, so they are perfect for you to defend against any kind of attack.

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