Our last visit to Barcelona, ​​a gastronomic and cultural getaway.


We do not usually tell you in this space the trips we make, but it is well worth telling you this time our last visit to Barcelona, ​​a gastronomic and monumental escape that you can not miss!

Barcelona is a city that we visit every so often, because we are very comfortable among its people and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is breathed in its streets. A city open to the Mediterranean Sea and with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

The truth is that we know it quite well, because it is a pleasure to walk the Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, the Born or the Passeig de Gracia to visit the Casa Batlló or the pedrera of Antonio Gaudí again. And above all, enjoy its traditional cuisine that is unbeatable, however, I must confess that on this last trip we ate pizza, but not any one .. one that was amazing! After an exhausting day of museums, monuments … and great walks, we returned to the apartment and gave us to order a pizza at home.

Pizza and brutal Argentine empanadas, with a very good extra thin dough and the best filling! I tell you that it is a small pizzeria that is located in a corner that we did not know, in the district of Les Corts, near the Camp Nou Stadium, called La Bonna Pizza.

In addition, they prepare Argentine empanadas stuffed with ham and cheese, spicy meat, tomato with mozzarella and basil or with tuna. You can order them like the pizzas through the web, or if you are visiting a friends house or at the hotel, order Argentine empanadas at home in Barcelona.

Continuing with our tour, we could not miss the Sagrada Familia, which continues with its remodeling works that are expected to be finished by 2026, at that time it will shine with its maximum splendor … but that it deserves to visit every time. It is majestic and a great work of the representative of Catalan modernism, Antonio Gaudí.

Another essential visit for me is to visit the Santa Cruz de San Pablo Hospital, located very close to the Sagrada Familia, and declared a World Heritage monument and place where I was born. So it is a special place personally, although I have been living in Barcelona for a few years.

Well, and I could not forget to recommend you visit the Park Güell, another masterpiece of the great Gaudí and one of our favorite places in Barcelona.

Public naturist park in which sculptures, fountains and monuments are inspired by the forms of nature, a beautiful place, where one of the best viewpoints of Barcelona is also located, located in the Plaza de la Naturaleza with a wavy bench full of mosaics

And of course, as I told you at the beginning you can not miss the traditional Catalan cuisine, very good and full of flavor, which you can also enjoy at home if you prepare some recipes that we have on the blog, such as the typical escudella i carn d ' pot, white beans with cabbage and sausage or the exquisite Catalan cream.

We finished the visit quite exhausted, but it was totally worth the visit to Barcelona, ​​for many reasons, including food and ah! La Boqueria market in Las Ramblas … to which I always return because it is a place where you can buy and find almost everything, with a wide variety of local and exotic products, and it is also the market most visited by tourists!

And you, do you know any place worth visiting? Whether to eat well or spend a few days relaxing or visiting culture? If you also discover a place where you feel at home, leave us a comment that we will surely visit.

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