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I love otters, more than I could express in words. They are the most adorable little creatures of the sea and the river, and my fervent hope is that one day I can tickle an otter in its belly. Fisher-Price® Otter bedtime is not only an adorable stuffed animal that your baby will surely fall in love with, but it is also equipped with lights, music and even a relaxed breathing pattern to calm the baby in a way that only Fisher-Price can do.

A soft and relaxing teddy

This stuffed animal has a soft and satin tail for tactile stimulation and can be machine washed as it has a removable electronic module. In addition to simulated breathing, in which the toy belly really goes up and down, it also has relaxing light patterns and plays up to 30 minutes of music. It is basically a soft and tactile toy with the function of a sound and nightlight machine. In short: it's magic.

The first stuffed animal of mine that I have a good memory of, and that lit up, was a rascal, but I assure you that the otter is one step beyond those previous incarnations of bright sleeping stuffed animals. Breathing is relaxing at a higher level, and with the addition of silky fabric, this is a winwin for everyone.

The stuffed animal made of dreams

The fact that it is an otter is an animal known for carrying its young on its belly while sleeping in the water and is perfect. The images are the exact level of beauty you expect from this stuffed animal.

I can assure you that it is perfect for learning babies, or as one of those gifts you bring to parents right after the baby is born.

It is adorable and sweet, but it is also cunningly practical from the point of view of sleeping. For less than € 40, it is the perfect price point for a quick gift for friends or family, and let's be honest, it will be a favorite in the coming years.

You will always be remembered as the friend who totally saved everyone's dream with this Otter bedtime from Fisher-Price.

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