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We continually receive correspondence at our home or work but, of all the letters, does any really attract our attention? Well, the answer is that in most cases we face very similar envelopes, but from time to time, some attract us more for their originality and we are much more likely to open that correspondence.

More and more professionals take into account packaging strategies and retailers who opt for the original envelopes to send their letters. The kraft envelope saleFor example, it is one of the most carried out by companies that stand out for their good corporate image and for private lovers of good taste. The reason is that they are made entirely from vegetable fiber and are very environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the kraft is a very resistant material, with a beautiful finish and with it you will ensure that your card always arrives in the best state.

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How to choose an original envelope for letters

If you want to send a unique letter, the first thing the recipient will see is the envelope and, the more original it is, the more options you will have for the recipient to pay special attention to the correspondence. If you want to choose an original envelope but have doubts, keep these tips in mind:

1.- Think of the person. When sending a letter, whether we are a company or an individual, we have to think about our recipient. The empathy It's very important. What are your interests and hobbies? What style do you have? Once we are clear we can opt for one or another type of envelope. In addition to the kraft envelopes, which we will find in different sizes and characteristics, we can choose another type of envelope, for example, those of your favorite color. Today we can find envelopes of all colors.

2.- Be innovative. The white paper envelope is a classic but, if you want to break a bit with the routine, you can opt for transparent envelopes, very suitable to properly preserve the documents, but also used for the most fashionable invitations.

3.- It attracts attention. Can you imagine receiving an envelope with a heart-shaped closure? Surely no one would be indifferent to receive a letter with this type of envelope. It may be that you send it to the person you love most or also to someone you need to show that it is very important for you or your company. In addition, you will find these envelopes in your favorite color.

It may be that the letter you write to your recipient contains very important information and is very well written, but if you really want to draw attention and that it stands out from the rest of the multiple correspondences that a person can receive, the choice of an original envelope is essential. Each material offers different resistance and image characteristics. Once you are clear about the objective you want to achieve with your letter, it will be easier for you to choose the right envelope. Discover all the possibilities you have and you will see how you get the result you expect.

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