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Current consumers increasingly demand new leisure options, recreation and of course device, it is common to see how manufacturers almost always present a light version of their flagship product in order to continue conquering users.

The objective of this is to break the economic barriers trying to offer a quality product but with fewer options to reduce its price. The Nintendo Switch has been one of the great successes of the video game development company, thanks to the portability and the incredible titles like 'TLZ: Breath of the Wild ',' Super Mario Odyssey ',' Super Smash Bros Ultimate ''And the most recent'Pokémon Let's Go'

All this makes even consumers buy the console just to enjoy the mentioned titles, however, its current price is around 300 dollars making it a complicated gift to acquire for everyone.

Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper and is totally compact

With a view to eliminating that economic barrier, they have just presented the new Nintendo Switch Lite which is much cheaper and offers almost the same features only that it is not a hybrid console but a whole.

This exclusively portable version can not connect to the TV, nor does it have commands Joycons are integrated to the console, it is more like the Nintendo 3DS. The HD vibration, infrared motion camera was also eliminated making it impossible to run titles like 'Just Dance' or 'Mario Party'. The battery lasts 3 to 7 hours, providing plenty of autonomy.

For the neuralgic question the new Nintendo Switch Lite will have an official price of $ 199, that is, 100 dollars less and will be available in yellow, gray and turquoise colors. The launch date was not confirmed but we will be very attentive of this new "toy".

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