Office screens to separate work spaces


Office screens to separate work spaces

Office screensOffice screens are an efficient and simple way to separate work spaces in companies without having to raise walls or walls for example in an industrial warehouse. Imagine large glass offices that allow light to pass through and at the same time maintain the privacy of them and acoustically isolated so that the interior environment is appropriate for our work.

A manager, a draftsman, an administrative or a lawyer. They are professions with different profiles within the same company, and yet with specific needs to be solved in order to offer them an appropriate work space. A manufacturer of office partitions must take into account for its design many of these characteristics and adapt to specific requirements.

One of the main functions of the screens for offices and offices is to achieve certain privacy conditions in open or shared spaces. From meeting rooms or separating screens for a pool of telemarketers to individual or shared offices. Even this type of structure can be found in hotels, health centers, airports, stations, etc. as they are elements that serve to separate environments.

Types of office screens

There are more popular glass partitions for large and bright spaces and calls blind screens which is no more than a wall made with certain material to separate spaces without the need to have a glazed partition.

The differences between both are considerable both in that one of them only performs wall or partition functions visually isolating the room. Another significant difference is the type of material used for its construction, one of glass and the other of another material that can be laminated or plywood with vinyls.

And finally a combination of both would give us the mixed screen, a partition composed of glass and other laminated parts.

Office screens

Particularities of the screens

  • Soundproofing, important to create the perfect work environment. A soundproof room will allow you to maintain that privacy that every workplace needs. Even in large industrial buildings there could be more sound reverberation.
  • Privacy, even in shared offices, telemarketers templates, adjoining glass offices. The vinyl plays that important role that while being luminous visually isolates our environment and gives us that privacy.
  • Design, a visually pleasing design will make the template work more comfortably in your workplace without suffering visual stress. Soft pastel colors, wood color and vinyl-plated to complete the personalization of our environment.

Advantages of office screens

  • Cost savings, is a more economical solution than a partition or plasterboard, offering better alternatives.
  • Elegance, suggest transparency, continuity, open spaces, modern and professional.
  • Personalization, they can be made with every detail required by the client in a simple way.
  • Installation, it takes little time to complete the installation. Avoid works and other annoyances.
  • Resistance, being made with new generation materials guarantee a durability to the time and to the use.
  • Maintenance, easy maintenance and cleaning.

They are modular constructions that adapt to different sizes and can be disassembled and moved to another place even using the materials to merge or divide offices

More and more companies are committed to the promotion of communication among their employees, with environmental sustainability and the commitment to promote transparency, in this sense the office screens They offer the perfect solution and many other advantages.

Office screens to separate work spaces

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