Observation and memory game to print


Hello! Today I come with a game I had wanted to do for some time. We saw it once in a store made of wood but shaped like a hamburger and I loved it. The game had more options and things but the basic idea has served me for this printable.

It is a game of observation and memory, depending on the way you play. For example, my little daughter does so with the card in front of her, noting the ingredients and the order they carry; and my oldest son, memorizes the ingredients for 3 seconds and then makes the sequence without looking at the card.

It is a very simple game. You just have to make a sandwich with the same ingredients and in the same order as they appear on the different cards. There are 12 different cards.

In the printable, which you can download below, you have both the 12 cards and the ingredients. We have printed them and then we have laminated them. The cards have been cut so that when plastifying them there is one for each face.


You can download the printable in the link below the image 😉 You already know that it is free, so I would really appreciate it if you want to keep the blog growing, share the post with the buttons below in your social networks.

GAME TO PRINT observation and memory

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