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It is true that much is said about the innovations of the technological giant. All Samsung news They are daily followed and there is a lot of interest. The technology dresses up every time there are new things from Samsung. The brand always has the latest in products and technological experiences, and in the most essential event of the year in this field, the CES, we usually learn about the latest in samsung technology.


To this unique event, which took place in Las Vegas from January nine to twelve of two thousand and eighteen, Samsung could not miss. What was the most interesting thing that Samsung had at CES? During this tumultuous event it became clear the interest of this and other brands to promote the construction of a connected future, facilitating the adoption of the Internet of things through new products and technologies.

Everything is so that we can do things that until now we could not do. In two thousand twenty all our devices are going to be intelligent. I think more than we do, because I think that we are in a clear decline and decline, as well as in obvious involution as a species. But that's another issue … The latest innovations in screen technology have been testing us in what way the TV evolves to offer you an unusual viewing experience.

TV does not stop becoming the intelligent connected center to direct your routine life. The Wall is the first modular MicroLED television in the world. Can you imagine a T.V. that you could adapt to any place? Thanks to the modular TV screen and MicroLED light transmitter of one hundred and forty-six inches, it is already possible. This screen has a design based on modules that lets you customize the size and the way of your television. It is a unique viewing experience.

In terms of details, if we look at the design, we say goodbye to the confusion of cables. There will be a single transparent cable where you can hide all your connected devices. The first T.V. Qled with 8k technology It's a pass. Artificial intelligence will let us automatically adjust the resolution of the screen. It gains a lot of image quality, by converting any content into high resolution 8K content. It is an unusual viewing experience.

applications for smart tv samsung

We have also presented the improved connection functions of our Smart TV of 2018. Bixby, Samsung's intelligent assistant, will also facilitate interaction with television.


Samsung's two thousand and eighteen Smart TVs will also facilitate connectivity between devices thanks to this hub of Samsung's IoT platform.

Universal Guide

It is the programming guide of T.V. Advanced that automatically advises programs and contents according to the preferences of the user.

The first QLED curved monitor with Thunderbolt connection

Not all and every one of the innovations on screens are for televisions. The device will not be affordable. Samsung sees folding products as the future of the mobile market, however, it should still give us good reasons to see the device as something more than a passing novelty. Samsung must make people understand, if you buy that phone, that you do not need a tablet.

Televisions, appliances and smart speakers

The fact that Samsung has tons of news from its mobile business does not mean that it is forgetting its other operations. The latest televisions and appliances arrive, such as the launch of Harman speakers and automotive technology. Samsung can integrate the Google Assistant into new televisions, instead of focusing only on its own voice assistant, Bixby.

bixby Spanish when

Bixby It was already launched in two thousand and seventeen in the Galaxy S8. He has been criticized for not being smart enough. Only four percent of American adults who use voice aids from a smartphone use Bixby. That equates to forty-four percent of Siri, and thirty percent of Google Assistant and seventeen percent of Alexa, and Samsung is up to the bitumen, in this regard.

But Samsung has not given up. Its Developer Conference that took place in November focused precisely on in Bixby and AI. They plan integrate Bixby into more than just mobile devices, open the software to the developers and make it work with 5 more languages. The purpose is to move Bixby from a way to monitor phones to a platform that works on each and every Samsung product and in multiple third-party applications.

Bixby already works in smartphones, televisions and refrigerators

samsung smart speaker

And soon it will reach more devices, including tablets. The call Galaxy Home presented in the month of August, combines the design of Samsung and the usefulness of the AI ​​with the audio experience of Harman. And is that Samsung has not yet provided the data of when will be the launch or cost of sale for the Galaxy Home. Meanwhile, we have many phones to meditate on.

NASA is the space agency that has taken humanity farther than anyone else. And he has plans to go further.

samsung cinema led

Samsung launches in Europe the screen for cinemas Samsung Cinema LED

With the new Samsung Cinema LED the cinema screen and the usual projection technology are now a thing of the past. With twenty-four million LEDs the screen for Samsung theaters full of light and image an area of ​​ten with two meters wide by five with four meters high. The cinema experience is enlarged with brilliant colors and unprecedented lighting and clarity.

In addition to this the new screen is accompanied by a new system that generates the perfect surround sound in each and every seat. In Europe the new screen has been released in Zurich in 2019, where, in addition and thanks to the Built-in 3D equipment, the first 3D led cinema of the planet Earth has also been released. Until now the new Cinema LED technology was only free as a prototype in the city of Seoul, very close to the Samsung headquarters.

Now the Samsung Cinema LED screen is of European premiere in Switzerland. Swiss businessman Edi Stöckli, owner of Arena Cinemas, has installed in cooperation with Samsung the first Cinema led screen in a European cinema. The cinema complex Arena Sihlcity, located in the Sihlcity shopping center in the Zurich city, is thus transformed into the first cinema with Cinema led screen.

Thanks to the DCI certification, the system also has Hollywood approval. It means enjoying the successes of Hollywood with an unthinkable quality until now. The cinema screen of ten with two by five with four meters is formed by ninety-six modules that can be replaced individually. The result of a single screen completely solid and black is achieved by the perfect installation without separation of the modules and the precise calibration of the entire screen.

samsung news

A 'pure black' is achieved that makes the cinema stand absolutely dark. There are no reflections. The unique format of 4,096 by 2160 pixels leaves the display of the 2 frequent film formats, 'flat' and 'scope'. This is achieved without the annoying grayish bands characteristic of the projectors. Since there is no projection beam a truly intense black is achieved.

The image is shown clean and perfectly aligned. In addition, the lighting of the screen is ten times greater than that of the usual projectors. LED technology achieves a luminous intensity of up to five hundred nit or one hundred and forty six fL with a much lower average power consumption than with a conventional projector. The contents produced in HDR format are reproduced perfectly.

The 3D cinema It favors these virtues in combination with LED screen technology. It is an absolutely new cinematic experience. The surround sound technology associated with the Cinema LED screen is provided by audio experts JBL and HARMAN.

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