Nikolis store in Barcelona | My blue dress


You love fashion? Do you like to make your own designs to personalize the clothes? Are you looking for a different touch in your shoes or in your bag? If the answer to all these questions is affirmative it is clear that you are a fashionista and that you like the world of DIY "Do It Yourself" meaning "do it yourself"

I like to customize certain clothes such as shoes, denim jackets and even basic shirts. I almost always look for a different touch because nowadays you go out and you always find someone who wears something like you, and that feeling is … overwhelming!

One day searching the Internet for stores selling hand-made beads, I found nikolisgroup, A company of Greek origin that has more than 30 years in the fashion market offering accessories to customize sandals, earrings, etc. and that apart from having an online store with a variety of more than 80,000 references also has a physical store in Barcelona.

How lucky are the Catalans! I would spend every day in the store buying zamak beads, wood beads, sailor beads, wooden details, colored beads, etc …

Now that it's time to wear feet and wear beautiful sandals, in this store they offer a wide range of handmade leather sandals. In addition to all the materials needed to customize them and make them unique such as ribbons, pompoms, marine items (tropical, shells, anchors, starfish), colored beads, etc.

Below I show you some photos of the beads that you can find in the store. I already have some signings but the truth is that I have to tell you that they are all so pretty that I really would not know how to choose.

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