New: 'The Lonely Hearts Bookstore' by Robert Hillman


Arrive at our bookstores The library of lonely hearts by Robert Hillman published by SUMA. The perfect novel for those who have had a broken heart, for those who have managed to recompose it and for those who have left it at a bookstore.

Tom Hope does not think he's especially good at being a farmer. He only does what he can: he milks the cows, he picks the apples, he takes care of the sheep … He does not consider himself a good husband because his wife left him and took little Peter with him. But when Hannah Babel appears in her life, the cheerful and eccentric woman who wants to set up a bookstore in the village, he dares to dream that they could be happy together.

However, in 1968, only twenty-four years have passed since Hannah arrived in Auschwitz with her young son and left alone. And Tom is facing a battle against pain and memory that he can still barely imagine.

Robert Hillman, SUMA

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