Natural Care and Beauty 【Secrets for Women today】


Wonderful Beauty Tricks, they are economical and effective. Ideas to highlight the beauty we all possess.

These are ideas that we have compiled from our grandmothers, very healthy and economical recipes, many of the ingredients we have in the pantry.

Beauty tricks for hair

1 Retouch hair roots

When we paint the hair, we look perfect, after two weeks the roots of the previous dye begin to be seen, even worse when gray hair appears.

Well, very simple, while we paint again, we can touch up with eye shadows. Solve for a short time, but it is a good tip.

2 Shiny and beautiful hair with apple cider vinegar

When washing the hair rinse with water and a small stream of apple cider vinegar. The hair is soft and manageable, chemical free.

Shiny hair with apple cider vinegar

3 Olive oil with egg yolk for manageable hair

Mix both ingredients and add warm water. It is applied along the hair, especially at the ends. Leave for fifteen minutes, wash with the shampoo accustomed and ready, the hair is docile, soft and beautiful.

Olive oil for manageable hair

4 Aspirin for dandruff

If we have dandruff and we do not want to change the commercial brand of shampoo, we crush aspirin and add to the shampoo, we wash the hair as usual.

5 Tips for youth beauty: Hair with volume

Coconut oil helps our hair look healthy and shiny.

And if we join it with yogurt, much better. It is applied in the form of a mask, yogurt, a few drops of coconut oil, leave in the hair for about twenty minutes, rinse with apple cider vinegar as we explained.

Amalgam fillings and your health

healthy hair coconut oil

6 Beer for the hair

Beer is a great hair cleanser, it also gives shine. How to apply it?

After washing the hair as usual, apply half a beer, leave about ten minutes, then rinse and enjoy clean and beautiful hair.

Homemade beauty tricks for the face and eyes

Home remedies to have a perfect face.

Homemade beauty tricks for the face and eyes

7 To remove our makeup

Excellent is to do it with olive oil, this also serves to make up the eyes and lips.

8 Chamomile for the skin

We make an infusion and, after cleaning the face, apply as a tonic.

With these beauty tricks, we save money and beautify ourselves, and they are healthy and natural products.

9 What tricks for dark circles

We place very cold cucumber slices in the eyes. Then, frozen gel masks or works very well, some spoons that we have left in the freezer, when they are very cold we put them in our eyes.

Sleep well, avoid fluid retention.

10 Lengthen the tabs

Baby powder is used, after mascara, and when drying, you put the mascara back on. I mean mascara, talcum, mascara.

They are beautiful.

11 Mask with olive oil

It is very good, it has baking soda, olive oil and honey. The instructions are in homemade mask for radiant skin.

12 Face scrub

It is one of the most valuable tips of facial beauty, the sweet vanilla scrub for radiant skin.

13 Camomile to illuminate us inside and out

These are home remedies to have a perfect face.

  • This herb is miraculous. Chamomile is digestive has so many health properties, that we must take it more often.
  • Also for hair and skin is very beneficial. Applied to the face gives energy, light and vibration to our expression, moisturizes, tones. A tea is made and stored in the refrigerator, we apply as a tonic and in a few minutes we rinse.

14 Skin and circulation improve with brushing

It is a pleasant brush massage that will give us pleasure and health, you can see more in health benefits of skin brushing.

Beauty tips for nails

15 How to harden nails

Easy with garlic. Cut the garlic into slices and place it in the transparent shine. When painting the nails are strengthened with the properties of the root.

16 Beauty tips for hands and nails

When they paint their nails, they sink in cold water and so dry soon.

17 To whiten nails

When the enamel lasts a long time, the nails turn yellowish: toothpaste for teeth whitening is a blessing for the nails. Simply rub as many times as necessary and you will notice the results.

Grandma's secret homemade beauty tips

18 Cold shower in the morning

A body temperature shower revives, refreshes, improves circulation and sets us in motion for an active day with many achievements. It also beautifies us.

19 Durable perfume with Vaseline

Simply apply Vaseline to the skin where we are going to perfume, then the fragrance and you will see that you will be smelling rich for longer.

Beauty tips on nutrition

20 What we eat is basic for beauty

Let's eat fruit before meals in the morning. Let's monitor the nutritional content of our meals, which especially include Omega 3 oils, vitamin C and B vitamins.

21 Let's monitor the nutritional content of what we eat

  • Let's take daily foods that contain vitamin E.
  • Let's increase health benefits. Let's look at anti-inflammatory foods to add to our daily diet.
  • Let's monitor the health symptoms that people ignore.
  • Follow a proper diet to burn fat quickly.
  • It improves the quality of food, we find more information in our articles on foods that are super food.
  • Let's increase the consumption of foods high in Omega 3.
  • Let's avoid foods such as sausages, fried foods, processed foods, margarines, microwave popcorn and others that we list in foods that we should stop eating.

These are beauty tips for women and many men will surely follow her too.

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