Nail lamps for quick drying


Any woman who usually takes care of her nails and paint them at home with some frequency knows the usefulness of having a nail lamp at hand so that the drying is done quickly and perfectly. The drying of nail enamels and gels with nail lamps allows get a much more professional final result and contribute to make it more lasting in time. Finding a nail dryer is not complicated, and there are several types to choose from in the market today.

What are the main types of nail lamps?

There are two types of nail lamps today that are used by both individuals and nail centers, and that is that their technologies are the most advanced to achieve an effective nail drying and without any type of side effect neither for the nails nor for the health in general.

Drying of some

LED lamps for nails

LED nail lamps are perfect when using nail polish or gel, since any LED nail lamp achieves a more powerful effect for some types of paint than others. And is that although the LED lamps are very advanced technologically the truth is that it does not produce any drying effect on shades of lighter nail varnish.

They are perfect especially for permanent enamels above the gel, and is that some gel marks are not compatible with the effects of led lamps for having a different chemical composition on which the LED has no drying effect. Gels need to have a chemical composition that includes photoinitiators, whose function is to harden the nail when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account these aspects to ensure that the manicure dries quickly and remains with a brilliant result and a professional texture.

The use of LED lamps is very simple. You just have to put your hand to dry inside the machine and start the timer, in case you have one. If not, just put a timer on the watch or on the smartphone according to the seconds recommended in the instructions of the LED lamp. Once the necessary time has elapsed, you just have to take your hands and check your perfect finish.

Ultraviolet nail lamp

An alternative to LED lamps is the ultraviolet nail dryer. A UV UV lamp has a different operation, because they are not cold light and when you insert your hands you can perceive a sensation of heat while drying your nails. This is because A UV nail lamp uses ultraviolet light bulbs, a type of light bulb that must necessarily emit heat when working.

Ultraviolet nail lamps cThey have the advantage that they are perfect for drying any type of nail polish or gel. They have proved their effectiveness by drying the nails independently of the type of product used, since the ultraviolet bulbs are more powerful on the gels getting them to dry with a very professional texture. This is the main difference of the ultraviolet lamps with respect to the LED lamps and for that reason they are chosen by those women who usually apply different types of enamel and gel in their nails.

It is important to note that ultraviolet lamps are also very necessary when you do not have much knowledge about the manicures and paints used, as this ensures that it dries perfectly. They are also widely used at the professional level, as it serves all types of clients regardless of what type of manicure has been done.

If we had to highlight some disadvantage of ultraviolet lamps, the main one is that It usually takes longer to dry the nails than LED lamps. Also, if they are used frequently, they will require spare parts of bulbs every so often, so we must assess whether the lower price of these lamps compensates with the future cost in spare parts. These lamps are also not recommended for those people who have some suspicion of UVA, since their technology is based on them.

These are the main types of nail drying lamps and their advantages and disadvantages. In any case they are a fundamental element to achieve professional and dry manicures in a few seconds.

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