Mystery forests and vineyards, enjoy Navarra


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Navarra has just presented the Bosques y Viñedos de Misterio initiative with which it intends to attract a large number of tourists looking for a trip in the fall.

From the Foral Government of Navarra A new and interesting initiative has just been presented that aims to attract new tourists throughout the coming autumn, so that visitors can enjoy the charms of this land from now until December. It is a complete program whose name is Mystery forests and vineyards, in which some 38 companies in the tourism sector.

It is a program that will include different leisure activities, culture and where gastronomy will also be very present so that all visitors can taste the best traditional flavors from Navarra during your trip. For couples and families who love mystery and autumnal proposals, this opportunity is really very attractive.

Visitors will have the possibility to solve a recreation of a crime, where you will have to search and find the different clues that help you solve it. The Baztan Trilogy and tourists will be able to enjoy all their literary secrets, in addition to being in an authentic medieval cemetery from which you will have to find the exit in your labyrinth.

Foz De Lumbier

By the way you can enjoy with all the rich and varied historical and cultural heritage of Navarra, discover its natural areas and take the opportunity to taste the best cuisine and wines, such as Garnacha Navarra, which you can taste in the Tudela Street Escape. The Tudela Negra route is highly recommended for those who wish to take a tour of crimes, trials and punishments from the Middle Ages.

This type of events and proposals is intended seasonally adjust tourism, help that during the autumn many tourists choose to travel around Navarra, enjoy their culture, leisure and all the events that are organized. In this way the accommodations such as hotels, rural houses and others get a higher number of overnight stays in autumn.

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