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Tired of losing your summers struggling to take your children to the pool to swim, soccer to camp, summer cottage or any other activity? Psychologists suggest that you may take it easy this summer. After all, a dose of boredom is very healthy for them. I shouldn't worry if my son gets bored in summer, that is healthy.

There are psychologists who say that boredom is necessary for children to develop an "internal stimulus" and, ultimately, become creative.

You do not believe it? Consider the following:

My son gets bored in summer and that forces him to use his imagination to play

If your child is bored, he will be forced to think outside his mind. When they are not given toys or games to play with, they will have to invent their own imaginative games to play.

Free time means more time for introspection

Uninterrupted free time is self-care time. This is because it allows us to look inward and be alone in our own thoughts, reflections and ideas. If your child is left alone with nothing to distract him, it is inevitable that they begin to look inward.

Boredom can come creative geniuses

Inspiration often hits us when we are bored, sitting there with nothing more to do than invent creations in our heads … some of which manifest in realities. Writers write out of boredom. Musicians make music out of boredom. Designers design out of boredom. That is because when we have the option to fill our empty space, we fill it with our passions, many of which are creative.

Being bored is a natural sensation that you will have to learn anyway

Everyone will experience boredom at some point, including your children. They could also be introduced to boredom sooner or later so they don't get too attached to constant stimulation. In this way, they can develop a healthier relationship with boredom and use their time wisely and productively (even if that means catching up with personal care practices like just relaxing!) Instead of resorting to abusive stimulants ( and, therefore, toxic).

Boredom will encourage them to spend more quality time between them

When your children do not have toys, mobile phones, televisions, computers or games, you will have … Each other. And they will spend much more quality time together than they would if they had any or all of those things. That is because you will probably talk more and compromise your imagination together.

YES!! My son is bored in summer and that is healthy!

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