Mosquito screens for windows and pergolas


Summer is synonymous with many beautiful things: pool water, flowers, meetings in the garden at night … But there are also some not so nice, like mosquitoes, so today we will talk about the mosquito nets for windows and also for pergolas, so, enjoy full of our garden and our house during the warmer time.

Protect the house: Mosquito screens for windows

When choosing the fabric to assemble our window mosquito nets, we have several options, the choice will depend both on our budget and on our need to cover.

Within the different types of fabric for mosquito nets, we can find:

  • Fiberglass, it is the most common we can find
  • Metal or aluminum, It is ideal if we have pets (especially cats) at home, as it is very resistant and does not break easily
  • Plastic, They are very economical, but their life is very short because they are degraded quickly by the effects of sun and rain

types of window mosquito nets

Place a mosquito net in the window easily

The mosquito nets can have Various forms of installation, but today we are going to talk about a simple good that can be adapted to pvc or aluminum windows and also to wooden windows.

The only thing that we are going to need is the mosquito net that we have chosen, contact glue and velcro.

mosquito net with velcroThe first will be measure the entire area of ​​the window that we want to protect, height and width and with these measures, we will buy the mosquito net and the velcro meters needed to cover the four edges.

As for Velcro, it is worth noting that we can use only the "male" part, that is, the part that has some small stiffer projections, which are the ones that will hold the mosquito net.

Now what we will do will be place the velcro on the edges of the window frame helping us with some contact glue.
Once it is well dry and firm, "We will hook" the mosquito net to the velcro, starting from a top vertex downwards.

Although this form is a bit shabby, it is certainly very practical and fast. If you are more hands, without doubt you can put together a frame or wooden frame in which to assemble the fabric.

Protect a garden area

At the time of avoid mosquitoes abroad, we can help us with candles and torches in which they are placed essential oils based on citronella, for example, that has properties against these insects. You can also place plants that help to repel mosquitoes.

If what we want is protect a more demarcated area of ​​the garden, for example, the arbor or the pergola, we can use mosquito nets.

And for this case, we can, in addition to mounting something more or less fixed as in the case of windows, use polyester mosquito net fabrics, which have a much more pleasant appearance, although they are, of course, much less durable, since they are nothing more than a fabric proper.

You can get them already made, with their Velcro included or you can fix them with clamps, if the pergola is made of wood, or with magnets, if it is made of metal.
I leave you these images so you can get an idea of ​​how they are:

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