Moorea, a Tahiti destination to enjoy paradise


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The island of Moorea in Tahiti offers all kinds of outdoor activities, water sports, spectacular views and beautiful beaches to visit.

The Moorea island in Tahiti It is one of those paradisiacal destinations for which many couples usually bet throughout the year, a place where the landscapes are simply spectacular, offers very nice and quiet beaches, as well as a varied and exotic gastronomy that is also worth keeping in mind for make a trip.

There are different luxury resorts designed for couples looking to enjoy their Honeymoon or a truly unforgettable couple, almost always with excellent views of the beach, which is very interesting.

They can be carried out different water sports and activities, as is the case of diving. There are different diving schools where they offer classes from scratch and equipment is also rented to carry out this sport. Different dolphins, sharks and stingrays live in different areas. He too snorkel It is a very interesting alternative.


The toatea viewpoint It is an interesting alternative. It is a reference point from where you can see the best panoramic views of Moorea. It is ideal to take pictures and enjoy the Temae beach in the area, a place that often appeals to couples.

Go to Pao Pao market It is also one of the options, one of the most important. It is excellent to find all kinds of decorative items, crafts and typical products of the area that are usually consumed in Moorea, so it is a very interesting alternative. You can meet from Monday to Saturday from 6 to 17 hours, in addition to Sundays from 4.30 to 20 hours.

Excursions throughout the island is also something to consider, to enjoy walks in kayak, practice different activities such as hiking, even having the possibility of seeing sea turtles and being in contact with the dolphins. Everything will depend on the tastes that each traveler has and what they want to carry out during their trip.

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