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In the world of mobile telephony, its features and benefits tend to adapt more and more to the demands of users seeking versatility and originality.

Mobile phones with special features

Young people love smartphones that them allow access to all social networks and YouTube.

Children demand ease of use and proportions to their size and reasoning capacity.

But there is a segment of these users that is not taken into account: older adults. And this sector of consumers demands and needs special features and specifications.

A device adapted to an elderly person

Every older adult is a different world and is made very evident that its limitations create problems when it comes to getting mobiles for the elderly, since it is usual that a normal or standard telephone is not very practical or difficult to manipulate on many occasions.

There are phones for people of all ages, but this segment should definitely be taken into account by the population.

And for that a selection of devices specially designed for these people, for whom it is very common that they are not familiar with advanced technologies and mobile phones high-end that almost all portals that sell phones usually offer.

The most important

Useful information is provided in the guide and effectively guides about the most relevant functions that a device for an elderly person should include.

Because they do not have sophisticated extras or secondary functions, it is not surprising to discover that their prices are well below the common prices in these types of technologies.

One of the most recommended and interesting options for these grandparents are the Feature phones, mobile phones with very simple features and elementary functions such as calling and receiving calls, send SMS and some basic features that make them very manageable for them.

These types of mobiles are still in the mobile phone market and, due to their simple characteristics, they are the perfect choice, since these adults do not need sophisticated services, interfaces or functionalities. Basically they use them to mark and speak, and in a few cases to send short text messages, in order to save them time and effort.

Is it necessary for an older adult to have a mobile?

This type of mobile devices integrate older adults to their families, give them some security and the most important thing is that make it easy for them to contact family and friends in order to greet them or in cases of emergencies.

Nokia mobiles, due to their design features and very easy operability, are perfect to enhance the wonderful relationship between grandchildren and grandparents.

This Nokia mobile places them, at times, on the same technological level, which is very much appreciated by them, since they do not feel excluded from the latest advances that are used in the current times.

Important aspects that should include

Large keys

If it is with a classic numeric keypad you must have the large keys, separated from each other and easy to press. The housing should be bright and bright colors, so that they stand out and are easy to locate.

Covers with cover

Another important aspect are the covers with cover, to avoid that the keys are marked by accident, apart from protecting the phone from bumps and scratches. In many cases it is advisable to synchronize the device so that the screen turns off when the lid is closed.

Amplified volume and clear sound

In this respect, the functions that eliminate sound from the environment and those that are compatible with hearing aids are very suitable. The ringtone volume should be high and with a sound that is recognizable by the older user. It can be a very appreciated song or a tune of very easy identification.


It is highly valued by these people, as it entertains and relaxes them.

Functions that should not be missing

These are some of the essential functions:

  • Bright screen.
  • Big and clear text.
  • Very visual and simple menus.
  • Radio, preferably in speaker mode.
  • Powerful flashlight
  • Alarm, which serves as an alarm clock or as a reminder when taking medication.
  • Charging base.
  • Long duration battery.

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