Minimalism has been so fashionable for so long that it is almost vintage. Still, out of jokes, we show you how to achieve vintage minimalist decorations.

minimalist decorations
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Minimalism always responds to the premise "less is more" and is the basis of one of one of the most elegant and modern ways of decorating. The minimalism It has been modern for so many years, that it can almost be considered a classic in decoration, even a little vintage.

Straight and pure lines, clean spaces and minimal ornaments. Of course nothing of communion souvenir figurines, pictures of the whole family, or anything that can recharge the environment. You can discover the most of the most in minimalist decorations in, it's a tip, but let's continue.


The keys of a minimalist decoration are:

  • Place only what is really necessary. REducate the decoration to the slightest expression. Get to throw things. To trash unnecessary ornaments and accessories, to trash the smallest things, useless things. Premium functionality in both furniture and ornaments.
  • Use the things you already have. Minimalism can be cheap.Well, it's about using what you already have, getting rid of things, yes, you have to put a point of sophistication so that everything looks good. There are very attractive design furniture, both modern and vintage. A mixture of both is the best option. As for the ones you already have, paint them of white, red or black.
  • Play with the light highlighting the most important spaces. In a minimalist environment the light is very important, and get very bright spaces is essential. Large windows and a very intense artificial light but also blurred.
  • Contrasting colors, but maximum three. I like a lot the combination of a single color, in several shades and always white background. For example, blue or red looks great.
  • Low profile textiles. Carpets and curtains reduced to the basics, in plain designs.
  • That everything seems to the naked eye dedicated to providing comfort.
  • And finally, don't forget your personal touch. Investigate your tastes and hobbies and reflect them in some great painting or other ornaments, plants and others.


Negative space and flat colors are the inspiration of a great digital artist.

minimalist decorations arif hakim
minimalist decorations arif hakim

Who is Arif Hakim?

Arif Rahman Hakim, better known as Arif, is an illustrator and graphic designer born on July 30, nineteen ninety in Indonesia. He is currently studying a specialty in Information Systems and Multimedia at the STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta University.

Malika Favre, his inspiration

The Arif minimalist style She has been inspired by Malika Favre, a French illustrator who manages to capture in her designs the essence of the elements using few lines and colors. How can the artist's style be distinguished by the purity and simplicity of his lines, the use of negative space and colors, the peculiarities that distinguish Arif's illustrations.

Knowledge is not enough for a digital artist to be born. The development of a good design depends on the feeling and thinking of the designer himself.

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