Microwave gratin potatoes – Bread, grapes and cheese


The other day I was commenting with a friend who cooked very little in the microwave. In spite of that it seems to me an essential appliance 😊 And it seems that this conversation aroused my concern for him and today I prepare some gratin potatoes in the microwave.

microwave gratin potatoes - bread grapes and cheese

I must say that, although I do not cook much with it, only for the amount of times a day I heat coffee milk in it, it is more than amortized. Or to make popcorn 😊

I remember with nostalgia some molds to make individual custards that came with a measuring jar and that in a few minutes allowed you to make delicious custards. I should have lost it in some move because years ago I don't know where it is ☹

And what to say that I have not said about my delicious chicken with microwave soy sauce? It is a recipe that I prepare very often, especially because in 15 minutes I have a delicious roast chicken.

So, even if I use it less than I could, the microwave is a staple of my kitchen.

To prepare this recipe for potatoes au gratin in the microwave I was guided by a similar recipe from the book "Cooking with microwave and fast.

We start with the recipe of these potatoes au gratin in microwave:

Ingredients for 4 people):

For the white sauce:

Butter: 25 grams.

Wheat flour: 25 grams.

Whole milk: 300 grams.


Ground black pepper

For the potatoes:

Potatoes: 750 grams.

White sauce.

Grated cheese: 50 grams.



Ground black pepper

Smoked bacon: 100 grams.

ELABORATION of potatoes au gratin in microwave:

Start preparing the white sauce: put the butter in a large bowl, cover it and bake for a minute at maximum temperature. Add the flour and mix it with the butter helping you with some rods. Add the milk little by little, stirring while done, pepper and put the bowl back in the microwave, for 2 minutes at maximum temperature. Remove the bowl from the microwave, beat the sauce with the blender and bake again 2 minutes at maximum temperature. Then, pass the sauce through the blender again.

Cover a plate with 3 sheets of paper towels and place 4 slices of bacon on top. Cover it with another 3 sheets of paper towels and place another 4 slices of bacon on top. Cover the last slices with more paper towels. Put the dish in the microwave and cook 3 minutes at maximum power. Since not all microwaves have the same power, you may need more or less time. The bacon has to be crispy. Once it is crispy, let it cool. Once it is cold, cut it with your hands. If you see that it begins to toast too much for some area, remove it from the microwave before it burns.

Peel the potatoes, wash them, dry them and cut them into thin slices, approximately 0.5 centimeters thick. Leave them in cold water for a few minutes.

Potato gratin cooking:

Spread a mold with the butter. Remove the potatoes from the water, drain them, dry them and salt them. Place the potatoes in the mold, distributing them well. Pour the white sauce over the potatoes, cover the mold with plastic wrap and puncture it. Bake for 13 minutes at medium temperature. Remove the mold from the microwave, remove the potatoes and cover the mold again with perforated film.

Microwave and cook another 5 minutes at medium temperature. Check that the potatoes are well made. If so, add the bacon, mix it with the potatoes, cover the potatoes with the cheese and cook 2 more minutes at medium temperature.

microwave gratin potatoes - bread grapes and cheese

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