Metaphysics and Energy Secrets of Mastery POWERFUL MIND!


Based on the Universal Laws, we have this study of Metaphysics and Energy, for a POWERFUL MIND! They are the Secrets of Mastery.

Thinking is used both to build and to destroy, that is why we have to train ourselves, learn to manage the mind so that it gives us good fruits. Believe it or not, the mind is the one that creates, shapes our life.

Let us pay attention and when we observe ourselves with negative thoughts, let's change the idea, let's see in the mind the objective already accomplished.
Mind. Metaphysical and energy studies

Metaphysics and Energy Studies

Mind. The secret of mastery

The Secret of Mastery. Thoughts are things, or rather, what we see in our mind, what we think materializes and everything we see, all material is formed by the mind, that is a great truth, it is the secret of the genius, of the master.

  • Thought is used for good or for bad.
  • The secret of mastery is to direct the mind, as if we drive a car, take control at this very moment.
  • When we think of the government, for example, we are giving it power.
  • When we see the goal we have set in our mind, it also takes shape.

How do we create the Shape What do we want?

Let's meditate, let's quiet our mind. This is how we communicate with our inner power.

One thought, that we seek to materialize, so creativity comes, we can invent, build, our health is strengthened, we are happier, happier, with prosperity and love, we find that divine inheritance that lives in us.

Metaphysics and Energy

Just as the Universe is full of very powerful forces, capable of moving the planets, of making them turn on themselves, of producing new planets, these forces, besides being invisible, are also very powerful, and, just as the Universe has. We also have them, they are inside of us and they make us capable of producing beautiful things.

Recognize your Inner Power: Powerful Mind

Let's see how you recognize your Inner Power.

There is a Universal Mind, a Divine Mind, a Whole, creative, with its thought, of all that we call Life, we are part of this Universal Mind, we have been created through it, therefore, we can create great things with our thoughts.

In the Master Key, in chapter one, it is said that … Recognize is a mental process, the mental action is therefore the interaction of the Universal Mind with that of the individual, and as the Universal Mind is the intelligence that fills all the space and animates all living things, this action and mental reaction is the law of the cause , but the principle of cause is not obtained from the individual mind but from the Universal Mind.

This is not an objective faculty but a subjective process, and the results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and experiences.

Metaphysical and energy studies

See our inner potential

We have a wonderful potential in our interior, an immense world controlled by our mind and that, when we realize the power that lies there, which is attached to the Universal Mind, incredible things we can create.

In this section of The Master Key it is said.

  • The inner world is governed by the mind. When we discover this world we find the solution for each problem, the cause for each effect; and from that inner world subject to our control, all the laws of power and possession are also under our control.

By finding and recognizing our Inner Power we will be able to do great things, to act in a great way, to solve different situations with smarter options, since we are doing it with our true Self.

Not finding or recognizing this Power is when we enter into depression, sadness, feelings that we reflect in our outer world.

As we are creators, unconsciously we have chosen what we have, what we are and where we are, through thought, with our mind we can create sadness, irony, feelings of revenge, but we can also create beauty, joy, life, such as our Source.

  • According to the master key in his chapter one, "We relate to the inner world with the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind; The sympathetic nervous system controls all subjective sensations, such as joy, fear, love, emotion, breathing, imagination and all subconscious phenomena. It is through the subconscious that we connect with the Universal Mind and enter into relationship with the Infinite constructive forces of the Universe"

As we chose previously

We can choose again, we can choose to be.

In the Book the Master Key states that:

  • Internal harmony will be reflected in the external world in harmonious conditions, pleasant environments and best of all. It is the basis of health and the essential essential for all greatness, all power, all ability, every feat and every triumph.
  • Harmony in the inner world means ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how each experience should affect us.
  • Internal harmony results in optimism and wealth; Internal wealth results in external wealth.

Key to Control our Mind

metaphysics and energy studies
The key to controlling our thoughts and making our reality what we want is Harmonizing our thoughts.

By having Harmony in our mind, this will be reflected in our interior and, when faced with difficult situations, we will discover the best and most efficient way to travel along these roads, as well as we will have the courage to detach ourselves from them, entering the harmony of the great Universal Mind.

Also, being in Harmony in the Inner World, we will feel the courage, the attitude, the confidence, the enthusiasm, the faith we need to act, we will create everything we want and we will find the opportunities we need, making what we have formed in our mind is reflected to our Outer World.

Based on Chapter One of The Master Key by Charles F. Haanel. Recognize your Inner Power

Friends: This message is, in a very special way, for those of us who have followed week after week the lessons of the Master Key of Charles Haanel.

We arrived at Part Twenty and we are already finding the truth, from here, starting with Lesson 20, the Mastery of Abundance, we are more focused on our purposes, finding the Truth that sets us free.

Studies of metaphysics and energy. Since we started on this page, we have been very proud to present this Such a valuable Mental System, based on metaphysics and energy, the reader, perhaps, a student of universal laws will find much more than expected in this course that was given in correspondence.

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