Meet the Picturesque Villages of Guatemala


Written by: Juan Luis September 9, 2019 No comment 2 minutes

Guatemala has just presented the Picturesque Villages initiative, with which it intends to help improve these destinations and attract more tourists in the future.

In Mexico It offers the possibility to enjoy with the Magic Towns, a series of destinations that have different peculiarities. Guatemala has just presented a really interesting novelty that resembles what the neighboring country intended at the time. Since INGUAT They have just presented the Picturesque Villages program, a good initiative to attract new travelers.

What is intended is to avoid the high load of visitors from the most popular destinations that do not have a maintenance, Besides having land use plans That can protect old buildings. In this way the Picturesque Villages will have special protection, in addition to having a greater presence of visitors.

To be part of the Picturesque Villages It has sought to promote the advancement of the culture and economy of the area, promote sustainable tourism and diversify the tourism offer of Guatemala, so that tourists now have a new catalog of destinations to choose from the one that suits your possibilities and your tastes.


It is interesting to highlight some of those that will be part of the villages chosen. We must keep in mind Isla de Flores in Petén, San Juan del Obispo de la Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez de Zacapa, Estanzuela, Livingston in Izabal, San Cristóbal Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, Salcajá and Santa Catarina Palopó de Sololá, which are the ones found so far within the program.

Now what is going to happen in these villages is that important mimprovements to infrastructure and services, which will help both citizens and future tourists and offer improvements in the financing of projects and initiatives so that all the people advance positively within the program of Picturesque Villages and it is an initiative that will benefit the whole country in the coming years.

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