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Thailand is a very interesting destination to enjoy national parks, which continue to increase year after year for greater protection.

Many travelers seek to enjoy the national parks in each country they travel to, because it is a protected territory where you can enjoy the environment, fauna and flora. In recent years the increase in parks worldwide has been important and specifically Thailand It has also contributed positively to this increase.

Recently in Thailand the creation of new national parks by the Tourism Authority has just been decreed, a very interesting announcement as it can help protect different territories and at the same time that travelers want to meet them and enjoy Thailand throughout a year-round holiday.

There are still plans to continue increasing the number of National Parks and in this way have a greater forest area over the next few years, an objective of the government to be able to conserve the environment better and also to offer leisure alternatives to the citizens themselves and to tourists who want to know the Asian country.


Today we find 133 national parks in Thailand and it is worth noting some like Khao Yai, who was the first to be declared a national park in 1962 and since then many more have come. It is interesting to highlight the creation of Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park during 2016, where you can enjoy a beautiful waterfall, without neglecting Khun Sathan National Park.

Also one of the novelties is the Mae Takhrai National Park or Than Sadet-Ko Phangan Park together with the Doi Chong National Park, which is the last one that has been named as a national park and from now on you can enjoy new natural proposals, along with the gastronomy and the spectacular beaches that are offered in Thailand for tourists.

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