Meet seven apps that will help you take care of the environment


Meet seven apps that will help you take care of the environment 1

Saving the planet is one of the objectives of the
humanity facing the near future. The latest weather events in
various parts of the world attest that we have not taken care of the best
space in which we live. Therefore, state policies are important and
actions undertaken by various agencies. However, more important is the
change in people's attitude.

Decisions to reduce pollution
They fall on each one. For this purpose, we have tools
Technological Using them correctly depends on each person, as well as on
Recommend its use. Currently, we have a lot of apps on hand to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are applications that give us advice on
how to travel sustainably, as well as those that help us reduce the
number of waste The possibilities are many, so we must explore
With our smartphone which one is more useful.

  1. Too Good to Go. This app was born in Denmark three years ago with one goal: no
         Waste the food. How does it work? The app gives us information about
         restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, among others, that sell food to
         daily, with the possibility of saving quality food packs at a price
         reduced. It usually ranges between 2 and 5 euros. For this 2019, the app
         it was proposed to avoid the emission of 1,200 tons of CO2, result of
         food waste in Spain. The app is available in
         cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao since September 2018, and now
         sum more than 52,000 users and establishments that have joined the
         Fight against waste.
  2. Go Green: Carbon Tracker. It allows us to calculate what our carbon footprint is. This app
         monitor our daily activities, then process the
         information and show us what our impact on the environment is. With
         The result will offer us useful habits and advice to take better care of the
         planet as much as possible.
  3. Ecooltra Alternative transportation is one of the best ways to be
         environmental friendly. It is true, there is still a massive use,
         But there are already notable advances. This app allows us to rent a motorcycle
         electricity in cities like Barcelona or Madrid. The cost is 12 cents per
         minute, but we have a lot of promotions and bonuses available
         by use According to ZONATECH specialist Alejandro González, driving an electric motorcycle reduces the
         pollution by CO2 and other polluting gases. Besides, he says,
         Provides several hours of use on a single charge and can reach high
  4. Recycle! Many people look for new ways to recycle but don't know
         how. Recycle! It is a very useful tool in waste management. With
         This app, we can know what materials we can recycle and, above all, how to do it. In the same way, it shows us the points of collection of waste more
         nearby. It is very useful when it comes to sending some device to the trash
  5. Good Guide Before buying a product, we can scan it with this app, the
         which will give us information about its elaboration process,
         distribution, etc., so that it will let us know how harmful it is for
         environment. With this, we can improve our shopping cart and
         adapt it to a greener one. In addition to the ingredients and value
         nutritional, the app will tell us if the product was tested on animals,
         information required by those concerned with ethics in the
         industrial processing With this information available, take better
         Decisions will be easier for us, as well as changing eating habits.

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