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Masters of Umdaar is another of the adventure worlds of FATE. I already told you a little about this great book in the past. But I think it is necessary to take a closer look.

This game takes us to a universe of Science Fiction and Fantasy, or rather of Fantaciencia. Although its creator also indicates that talking about "Planetary Romance" could be more precise. They present us the planet Umdaar, where many millennia ago, mysterious beings called the "Demiurgos" arrived and changed everything, created new species, founded new civilizations, invented a million religions, etc. But as mysteriously as they arrived, they left, leaving behind many secrets and confusion.

Many years after the chaos arise the "Masters of Umdaar" or Masters of Umdaar. The vast majority are tyrants who establish their power through force or also to control their own power or granted by one of the many artifacts left behind by the Demiurges. The lands controlled by these tyrants usually end up destroyed and decimated by resources and enveloped in a strange fog. This is why they are known as the "Dark Lands".

These tyrants resist the "Lands of Light", composed of city-states, governed by leaders who respect and patronize the "Runekeepers" who are a kind of techno-priests with the ability to understand the complex artifacts left behind by the Demiurges

The players will play "Arqueonautas" which in my opinion is a cool way to say "Archaeologists". Well, your mission will be to find precisely those powerful and valuable artifacts. What is not easy in the least, because the places where these artifacts can be found are dangerous ruins still populated by robotic guardians of all kinds. Mysterious jungles, deserts and swamps full of monsters of all kinds. Or they are artifacts that are already in the hands of the infamous Amos.

Villains of The Masters of the Universe

Crowd of "Bioforms" and Classes

Dave Joria, author of this book, does not like the word "race" so he chooses to use "Bioforma". The great thing is that it offers us a Bioform generator, so our characters could be something as curious as a cybernetic centaur, or something as common as a human.

You can use the generator, or decide your form by yourself.

An important detail is that unlike the FATE Worlds of Adventure that I reviewed above. Masters of Umdaar uses many of the FATE Accelerated rules. But this does not represent any problem because you can also get those rules by paying what you want.

Of course this variety of "Bioforms" also means that we will find the same variety of creatures in the world. Either NPC with which we can interact, or monsters that we must fight.

In addition they also present us with a variety of classes (which we can configure to our liking). And of course a series of ideas for the "concepts" of our characters.

Masters of Umdar Archaeonaut

Adventures and New Mechanics in Masters of Umdaar

In addition to the accelerated FATE rules, this game also uses some interesting rules of its own. For example, we have character options that will allow us to react to bad throws.

More curious are the new rules to establish traps of all kinds and throughout the world. Or rather, how to create dangerous situations for the heroes at all times.

As in The Ministry, this book includes an initial adventure "The Starblades of Su'ul":

Legend has it that the Demiurges were attacked by the armies of the H'rthmaw, a race of creatures so full of hate that they could kill just by looking. Facing that threat, Su'ul, one of his gunsmiths, forged a weapon, "The Wheel of the Rain of Fire", which he could destroy from a distance and with it the Demiurges were able to erase the armies and ships of their enemies from the face of the planet Umdaar.

However, so terrible was that weapon that the Demiurges themselves were afraid. They divided the wheel into its five radii, and hid them through all of Umdaar. However still divided, each of the pieces of the wheel is a powerful artifact of enormous power.

Now it seems that Kaji-Sa, one of the servants of the Masters, is in search of this powerful artifact. Will he be able to rebuild the Rain of Fire Wheel? Or will the heroes get to stop him in time?

Unfortunately when the adventure starts Kaji-Sa, it is already in the power of one of the Swords …

In addition to this adventure, this book includes a variety of ideas to continue the adventures. In addition to a generator of beasts, and many ideas to create artifacts.

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