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It may seem too simple a product to do one of our analyzes. However, the company Children of R. Fernández Balaguer, manufacturers of laces wholesale, it shows the opposite. The diversity of laces is amazing and we leave you some examples.

Nazarene laces


A first example of cords are those used to hold the tassels, fringes. cingules and other ornaments in religious garments.

As you can see in the image above, this type of product admits its realization in different materials, colors and braids according to the needs.

Laces for gala uniforms


For this type of garments must be required the best design and the best presence in the laces. They have to be at the height of chevrons and the costumes in general, and here the trade of the trimming has to make the best of itself.

Cotton is the most used material, and as can be seen in the examples in the image above, the complexity (and subtlety) of the braids is much greater than in laces for other types of garments. In addition, the length also stands out over other types of laces.

Laces for fashion making


Fashion, of course, is no stranger to braid and much less to laces. These can be seen (many times in a subtle way) in dresses, tunics, hats, bags, skirts, wedding dresses or pants

The variety of designs is possible the greatest of all since fashion is renewed year after year and with it the laces that have to accompany the garments.

Shoe laces and footwear in general


We could not forget the garments that possibly gave rise to the laces and that without them, could hardly be used.

In addition to its usefulness, shoelaces also evolve in colors and braids, especially for sandals, where the fringe, tassel or other accessory can be added to the cord.

Other uses of the laces


Being decorative elements, can be included in any garment or accessory. For example they are widely used for curtains, especially for hanging tassels, fringes or clamps.

They can also be found in all kinds of suits like fallera, communion suits, cofrades or even as belts in religious dresses or suits. An example is the classic friar or monk costume, which is tied at the waist with a thick cord.

Children of R. Fernández Balaguer: wholesale manufacturers

The trimmings sector has practically not suffered any crisis for a long time. Fashion does not stop and the need for items such as laces is almost essential. For this reason, there are many types of business that require a wholesale supplier:

  • Shops in general.
  • Haberdashery
  • Warehouses
  • Sports stores.
  • Decoration stores
  • Tailoring

And so a good list. For all those businesses, Children of R. Fernández Balaguer (operating since 1840) has become one of the best and most reliable wholesale suppliers. The production capacity of cords and other items is solid and they are capable of supplying the number of products needed to any business within the textile industry.

In order to do so, we leave the contact details of the company:

Children of Fernández Balaguer

Telephone: 96 385 78 00.
Address: C / Alcalde Albors nº 18. 46018 Valencia (Spain).

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