Manizales prepares for disaster prevention week.


By Adrián Rodríguez – BC News

different events in shopping centers, the Palogrande stadium, the streets of
Manizales and various scenarios of the city, the different organizations of
emergency will make the fourth version of the week of Prevention, remember
that the first version was given in 2016.

Jairo Alfredo López Bahena, director of the Manizales Risk Management Unit, mentions that there will be 26 events that are designed so that society is immersed in the activities that will be carried out by Manizales emergency agencies.

events are focused for each sector of the community, education, business sector,
community and institutional strengthening of relief agencies. We start
from this weekend that happened, already for the course of this week they are leaving
to have meetings of school, university and business brigades; to
once you will have a very important meeting on the night of recognition
where institutions and people who have contributed that grain of
sand so that Manizales is better prepared and less vulnerable to the occurrence
of different events, ”said López Bahena.

Worth mentioning
that there are going to be two drills, one per massive event of agglomeration of
public at the Palogrande stadium and another that will be held on October 2 of
current year at the national level where the participation of all
emergency agencies

For his part, Juan Pablo Jiménez, director of the GER (Special Rescue Group) of Manizales, mentioned for BC Noticias the importance of having a week of prevention.

“This week is very important since we are going to train in different risk management scenarios in order to be trained to attend an emergency that can be registered at any time. Today GER Manizales has different tools that the municipal administration has provided to attend emergencies, remember that the only emergency line is 119 to report any incident ”.

Within the week of prevention, another of the entities that is present is the Colombian Red Cross, by the Manizales section, there will be different brigades in the 26 scheduled events. Sharim Toro Velásquez, communicator of the Manizales section of the Colombian Red Cross, mentions what is held by this entity for the scheduled events.

It has all the necessary staff, we are committed to the staff,
vehicles and the telecommunications station to serve the different
events The call that is made to the community in case of any emergency is
keep calm, even if it becomes complex, but it must be maintained; the second
is to have on hand the phones of the relief agencies and of course
participate during this week of the events programmed by the Unit of
Risk Management in order to be trained in the face of any phenomenon that may occur.
I can register in the city ”.

Today, the Red Cross has ten municipal units and support groups throughout the department, 900 volunteers throughout Caldas, a telecommunications station and vehicles that are of vital help to deal with emergencies that are recorded. From the Manizales sectional Red Cross, the population is called to donate blood, and so they can save lives, the places where they can do it is the Plaza de Bolívar in the tent of the red cross, and directly in the homocenter of the coffee.

The Prevention Week will have the participation of Firefighters of Manizales, Civil Defense, BYR, GER, Red Cross and Utac.

Know the schedule of the prevention week:

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