Mango and Peanut Salad – Recipe


HortoGourmet mango and peanut salad recipe

We return to the recipe section with this new Mango and Peanut Salad. A great summer dish with which we can leave the typical salads that we all know. If you want to know its flavor and how it is prepared read on, I will tell you below.

Ingredients (2 people).

– 2 handles

– 40 g peanuts

– 1 yellow or red chili

– Coriander branches

– Extra virgin olive oil

Before starting to prepare the recipe, we have all the necessary ingredients.

Preparation of mango and peanut salad.

First, let's prepare the mango. We peel it carefully and we will cut it into long strips, as if it were chips. We reserve it. Then, we take the peanuts and crush them with a mortar.

Then, we wash and cut the chili fine and wash and let the cilantro dry. Of the latter we will use only the leaves, so we discard the stems.

As you can see, there are not many ingredients in this mango salad. So we set up the plate. We take a bowl and place the handle. Above it, add the crushed peanuts, chili and cilantro.

And finally, we put a light stream of extra virgin olive oil. We don't want our mango and peanut salad to be like the standard ones. Therefore, we do not need more dressing and the aove is more testimonial than anything else. In addition, the ingredients that compose it do not need other dressings. In this way, in addition, we can notice the freshness provided by its elements.

So, we finished this great mango salad. A very good alternative for this summer, since it gives flavor and color to your meals. And don't trust its few ingredients, because it's really delicious.

HortoGourmet mango and peanut salad recipe
Mango and peanut salad recipe

I hope this recipe helps you to refresh these days and that you enjoy it. Surely, this will be the last news before our summer vacation. So, enjoy and we read on the way back!

HortoGourmet mango and peanut salad recipe

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