Man has not washed his hair for 40 years


Most people feel a little uncomfortable if they don't wash their hair for a couple of days. But Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63 years, he has stood out in the curious news of various media, and says he has not washed his dreadlocks 1.8 meters for the past 40 years.


Besides Sakal, he adds that his dreadlocks are a blessing from God. Sakal wears her hair on the top of her head like a turban after involuntarily becoming a rasta. His neighbors in the Munger district of Bihar state, India, call him Mahatma Ji as a sign of respect.

According to Sakal, God told him not to cut his hair and to stop drinking and smoking. In an attempt to try to maintain some form of cleaning, Sakal ties his hair with a white cloth, otherwise, his hair would crawl on the floor behind him.

Sakal Dev has worked for the forestry department for 31 years and lives with his wife Rupiya Devi, three sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren.

He says his wife has no problems with her unruly hair. The world's longest dreadlocks record is held by women from Florida Asha Mandela, whose hair measured an incredible 34 meters long in 2018 when she was 55 years old.

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