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Everything "has its time in this life, and justice sometimes late, but it comes"

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CARACAS (Reuters) – On Saturday, Nicolás Maduro said that justice will "reach" Juan Guaidó for being the alleged responsible for the United States imposing sanctions on the assets of the government of the OPEC nation.

Since last year and with greater force in 2019, some 21 opposition parliamentarians are absent from their seats because they have been arrested, went into exile by judicial measures or are refugees in embassies in Caracas and after being signaled by members of the ruling party to incur crimes

“All this economic aggression against finance, commerce, food, medicines of the people of Venezuela, all this evil, all this bestiality has been openly requested and supported by this bandit, this traitorous worm of the country called Juan Guaidó and so I denounce it to the world, ”Maduro said at the end of a protest of the ruling party in Caracas.

Everything "has its time in this life, and justice sometimes late, but it arrives," Maduro added amid shouts of "justice!", "Justice"! of those attending the demonstration called against Trump and his executive order on Monday that prevents the Venezuelan government from transferring or negotiating its assets.

Guaido, who in January invoked the Constitution to assume an interim presidency, does not usually comment on Maduro's remarks and argues that it would be enough for the leader to leave power for Washington to lift the measures.

The Trump government has been increasing pressure on Caracas in an attempt to expel Maduro from power.

The United States and most Latin American countries and Western democracies have asked Maduro to resign and have recognized Guaidó as president in charge of the country.

But China and Russia have continued to support Maduro.

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