Luis Carlos Velásquez expects to reach 200,000 signatures in Caldas


By Estefanía Krastz

The pre-candidate for the Governorate of Caldas, Luis Carlos Velásquez, announced that in the next few days he will register his candidacy with the Registrar as a candidate for the Governorate of Caldas. He pointed out that he expects to reach 200,000 signatures, in addition to this he referred to the controversy over the installation of fences in Manizales.

"Unidos por Caldas is a movement that has been collecting signatures and in that exercise, our billboards say" firm with Caldas, Firm with Luis Carlos "is a call to signatures, what one can not do is place logos of political parties. in no way ask the vote, that if it becomes a crime and violates the rule "Velasquez explained.

He also spoke about compliance with law 1475 of 2011 "the rule is very clear and says that those who are released by signatures, can start the collection until six months before the day of the elections, then I comply with the times, we are respectfully requesting his signature and we are not giving a wrong message or deceiving the electorate "

Velásquez expects to register his candidacy next week, as other firms from different municipalities are coming to close to reach 200,000 signatures.

As for alliances, he has met with representatives of the MAIS movement and the Radical, Liberal, Conservative and Partido de la U parties.

"We hope if the political parties do well and if my political strategic committee has it, have different coavales or accessions. We do not ask for guarantees because I already have a movement of my own that is collecting signatures, "he said.


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