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A few years ago if you wanted to locate a cell phone and track the signal to retrieve it, it was impossible, the legend said that only government agencies were able to locate a cell phone through triangulation, technique that today is called GSM location.

But today thanks to the apps, smartphones and in general on the Internet there are really easy and fast methods to do it, that if the success to recover your device depends on several factors that you have to take into account:

  • At the time of loss the cell phone was on or off
  • If you had an internet connection with mobile data or active Wi-Fi
  • The cell phone had the location function active

One of the best options to do it via GSM by installing a third-party application, type Cerberus, this is the best option to locate a cell phone through a mobile device or tracking program. Although this is one of the most complete in the market there are actually several applications that allow you to track a cell phone by gms and find a mobile or tablet almost instantaneously.

If you have an android cell phone, one of the easiest ways is that if you have the location function on your activated phone it is through Google itself by entering Google Chronology: google.com/maps/timeline or google maps> chronology

On that screen, you will find the last point where your cell phone was on, this is not so accurate but it can work or give you an idea of ​​where it is.

And finally, one of the novelties that are appearing on the Internet is that of track a cell phone by number In Internet. That according to it is a pioneering process, and that locates the same through the use of GSM satellite networks. While most pages that do this are a fraud, some users say that pages like https://localizarmovil.net/ They really work.

To be honest, I tried to test it, but after a while I generated a file of locations but asked me to register to an external file storage service to download it, which I did not do, so I'm not sure That this type of service serves, but then one more option, if you ask me, I would use one of the first ones I said.

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